2016 Suicide Squad: Unpublished Images of Jared Letos Joker in Mariachi Dress Revealed

As already known, for now DC in its part of films is going through a renewal process, the clearest test of this is the plans revealed by James Gun a few weeks ago next to Peter Saran.
And while some characters will have a restart, images have been revealed behind cameras of some past deliveries of cinema.


One of the films that did not do well at all at the time was Suicide Squad, a film starring Margot Robbie, Will Smith and more personalities that embodied the group of antiheroes.
And it is obvious that whoever highlighted was Jared Leto in Joker’s role.
Villain that apparently was going to count on a most traditional suit talking about Mexico.
The director of the film, David yesterday has released some unpublished images, and among them is one of Let’s character carrying a mariachi suit, so users have wondered what scene it was and why they removed it.
Here you can see it:
This is the synopsis of the tape in case it has gone unnoticed:

The US Department of Intelligence Department, Amanda Waller, has summoned a group of disparate and vile individuals who have nothing to lose.

This team, formed by the most dangerous super villains, will receive the most powerful arsenal within the reach of the government and will face a complicated mission to defeat an enigmatic entity.
Remember that the movie can be seen in streaming services.
Via: Twitter
Editor’s note: At the time I saw the movie, and it didn’t seem awful, in fact it has its entertaining moments.
Of course, I will not deny that the new version of James Gun is much better.

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