Learn How to Levitate a Dugbog in Hogwarts Legacys Magical Combat Challenges

Hogwarts Legacy encourages magical combat by providing several challenges that players can complete during battles.

While most grieving feats are easy to understand and perform, some can be complicated and may require several attempts.
If you ask yourself how you can levitate a Dug bog for your language at Hogwarts Legacy has come to the right place.

How to complete Levitt a Dug bog for its feat of language mourning

Like other combat challenges, time is the key to achieving this feat of mourning at Hogwarts Legacy.
After you can find a Dug bog to turn it into your goal, you must first maintain your distance from this aggressive creature.
Then, you must wait for the right attack to throw.
What you are looking for is a deadly movement where Dug bog will try to go through its long language.


The game can ask you to start protecting and protect yourself, but do not press the Y button. In its place, you must launch the devious spell, which will cause the creature to float in the air.
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Of course, if you do not release your spell in time, you will receive a strong blow of the language of the creature.
Finding a lonely Dug bog in nature can be a good idea if you don’t have a quick reflection.
After all, trying to complete a challenge while several murderous giant frogs are attacking you is not easy or fun.
With luck, this guide has answered his question about how to levitate a Dug bog for his language at Hogwarts Legacy.
You can check our articles below if you need more help to complete other mourning feats, such as how to turn a Dug bog on your back in Hogwarts Legacy.
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