Unlock Spooky Experiences with All Project Playtime Codes in Roblox (March 2023)

Although Roblox is mainly aimed at a younger audience, there are still many spooky experiences in the popular game platform.
From Piggy to Rainbow Friends and Granny, there is likely to be a horror game that scared you somewhere in the online store for children.
With that in mind, you may be interested in one thing: What are all Project Playtime codes in Roblox?
At the moment?
Well, we have all the details below, so we start.


All game time codes of the work project in Roblox

At this time, these are all the active codes that you can exchange in Project Playtime that some gifts in the game are granted:
Valentine’s School2023-200 Esmeralda’s

All codes expired in Project Playtime in Roblox

These are all expired codes that no longer appear in Playtime Project:
Twitter2023-Free rewards in the game

How to redeem free codes in Project Playtime

Fortunately, redeeming codes is easy in Playtime.
All you need to do is follow these steps:
Start Project Playtime in Roblox.
Touch the white Twitter bird icon in the upper left of the screen (as highlighted in the image below).
Write your code in the text box.

  • Press redeem and gifts will be added to your account.
    Image source: The Roblox Corporation through
    And that takes us to the end of our guide.
    We hope that this has helped shed some light on what are all Project Playtime codes in Roblox are at this time.
    To get more information, here is why we believe that Purple is hidden in Rainbow Friends ventilation grilles.
    Or, if you prefer, feel free to explore the relevant links below.
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