Origin of Milio: League of Legends Newest Champion from Runeterra

He is additionally quite the opposite of Diana, that belongs to the royal regulating family of Italian. She had strict training to aid develop her control over the elements, but Emilio had no such training prior to. He does have one power that Diana has actually not understood just yet: the ability to control the fire axiom.

Emilio is a young kid who has considerable control over the fire axiom, which allows him to utilize a timeless flame to heal his allies in fight. With the assistance of his trusty and also adorable companion called his Fleming, he has triggered to check out the globe and also make his household and also village proud on his trips.


The Mild Fire brings a lot of utility to Summoners Rift, yet he likewise originates from one of the most elusive places in Runeterran tradition: Ital.

For Organization of Legends initially champion launch of 2023, Trouble Gaming will be providing players a cozy welcome to the year by going down a new enchanter assistance to pilot for both solo queue, informal play, and also professional players alike.

Welcome to Milos world

Emilio also hails from Ital, although his circumstance is a lot much more difficult than the other champions from the region. The young child matured in a remote village on the borders of Ital after his family was ousted from the kingdom several years before.

To bring glory and eminence back to his household– and to permit them to re-enter Italy society– Emilio is now required to check out the lush jungles of Ital as he makes his back to Italian to ensure that he might confirm himself to the Run Tail, who are the ruling caste of the area.

In Leagues comprehensive universe, one of the most mystical regions that the globe of Runeterra needs to supply is Ital. Unlike other regions like Nexus, Dacia, or Ionic, there are just a handful of champs that hail from Ital, including Malachite, Middle, Rear, Need, as well as Diana.

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