Call of Duty: New Franchise Game to Arrive in 2023 – Insider Gaming Reports

Apparently, the Call of Duty franchise, the central target of the imoglio involving the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, will win a new one in 2023. According to insider Gaming journalist Tom Henderson, the game would initially be a DLC
Large scale to Modern Warfare 2, but there was a change of generation in the project and the title in question will be a complete premium game and planned to be released in 2023.
In 2022, a Bloomberg report pointed out that a new Call of Duty game would only come out in 2024, pointing out that initially the project was a WWII DLC that grew and became a separate game.

At first, the DLC would ing remastered versions of classic franchise maps and a portion of single player content.
According to sources heard by Henderson, the next Call of Duty will be strongly connected with the Modern Warfare franchise, but will be a title developed by Sledgehammer Games, Call of Duty Studio: Vanguard. Henderson also points out that the game could be called Modern Warfare 3
but could not confirm that the title of the new Cod will indeed be this.
The insider Gaming report also points out that there will be two game test weekends in October, with early access to the full game starting on November 2 and the global release of the title scheduled for November 10.


While the new Call of Duty is not officially released, Modern Warfare 2 season 2 arrives on Feuary 15th.

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