The Last Of Us Actor Confirms He Was A Fan Of Rares Nintendo 64 Classic Over 20 Years Ago

Undoubtedly, one of The most beloved chapters of The Last of Us is the third, which was released a few days ago and moved the players with the love story that was handled.
Something that attracts quite attention is that one of the leading actors of said Nick Offer man episode has not played a game in years and the last one was Rare.
According to what he mentioned in a new interview, he has not tried any type of video game for 25 years, even before participating in the series he did not give the original Naughty Dog material an opportunity.
But the title that was obsessed before leaving the industry was neither more nor less than Banjo Kazoo de Nintendo 64.
Here is your statement:

25 years ago, I played my last video game, and I am very indulgent.
I lost a couple of weeks with one called Banjo-Kazooie.
God, the slow drip of dopamine is so delicious, then ends, and you say yes, I will win, and I am immediately like what have I done with my life?
So I decided that I would never do that again and fortunately, because the games have become as good as The Last of Us that I think would be in a basement and would not even go to auditions for programs like this.
For those who have not seen The Last of Us series, this is their synopsis:
The Last of Us focuses on the pandemic that is sweeping humanity, by a virus that left everyone to the edge of extinction.
This virus affects people strangely, since as soon as they are infected, they become cannibals and can spread through a simple bite.
Remember that the chapters are released every Sunday in HBO Max.


Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: It is good to know that he focuses on his work, but leaving video games for 25 years must be something heavy.
However, it is possible that he is now convenient to return with The Last of Us.

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