Taipei Game Show: An Inside Look At The 90s JRPG Sensation, Unlite Chronicle

Taiwan’s largest game festival ‘taipei game show’ was held at the Taipei Nan River Exhibition Center from February 2 to 5.
Since it is the first game show held in a year and Taiwanese market, which is familiar with Japanese animation and subculture culture, several subculture games ahead of this year’s launch have been established to appeal to users.
Or he also operated the B2B to find a partner to enter the market.

A-Star Corporation’s Unlike Chronicle was the latter.
It was a work that was intended to bring out the feeling of animation with a cartoon rendering that was quality and quality of JRPG in the 90s.
‘Startup with NC K-GAMES Joint Pavilion’ supported by NC soft and the Korea Game Industry Association, ‘Unite Chronicle’, which has been released on B2B to the CEO of A-Star Corporation, who came to the taipei game show, to the users when the user was released to users.
I was able to see how to show up in earnest and what kind of qualities I want to show as a virtue.

Q. Please introduce.

= LIM Sung-kyun of A-Star Corporation.
Since its establishment in August 2019, about 25 people are developing subculture mobile games ‘Unite Chronicle’.
It was also selected for last year’s Google window program, and this year, I was lucky to come to the taipei game show because I recommended it from various places such as the Korea Game Industry Association and the Content Agency.

Q. I know that it is a prize and a prize in various places, including Chung Global Game Center.
What kind of game you explain more specifically?

In short, it is a work that pursues orthodox JRPG.
Perhaps there aren’t many games that approached automatic, skills, and this concept at the time.


In such a situation, he focused on the emotions of JRPG and SRPG in the 90s.
When I entered the battle, I designed a style that requires cool to the skill casting, not the type that fires the skill and quickly finishes it quickly.
It is a bit uncomfortable, but it is a game that is focusing on the unique ‘aesthetics of discomfort’ that needs to make a strategic choice in it.
It is also characterized by maximizing the feeling as a Japanese animated character.

Q. As we are commonly referred to as ‘Dodgem’, I wonder what the game system is not only described in the game system but also the worldview and atmosphere of the game.

= The concept is post-apocalypse.
When we first worried, there were not many posts apocalypse materials, but at some point, it suddenly increased and was embarrassed (laughs).

In more detail, one day, one day, the natural enemies of mankind appears, and the earth’s human race faces the end of the crisis.
To say about the natural enemies… Is it like an absolute person who is hard to fight?
Wouldn’t it be close to that feeling like Cthulhu myth?

If a person meets something that he can’t overcome, it doesn’t develop in two aspects, such as surrendering or resisting.
The protagonist and the group are students who are taught at the academy to foster them to resist them.
Immediately after mankind faced the end of the crisis, the next generation of generations realize the superpowers to confront him.
The story of developing that power to face the enemy of mankind is the core of Unite Chronicle.
It seems that hostile forces are the same pagan beings who have surrendered to the natural enemies of mankind.

Q. Is it usually not aiming to promote or know the community if you usually play a subculture game?

= It seems that we have participated in B2B and did not appear in B2C.
And there are some things we have been carefully approached.
In order to show the quality that would be satisfactory to people, I struggled in many ways, and I wanted to show the results of the concerns and our possibilities first, developed it, and appealed to the satisfactory appearance.

Nevertheless, I went to FGT in the second half of last year, and I am looking for a step to develop more by receiving feedback and stabilizing.
Currently, he is discussing with two Japanese publishers.

Q. RPG, Japanese animation style, and the story of overseas publishers are coming and going. How are you preparing for domestic and overseas launches?

This part is likely to be divided according to the publisher’s intention after the publishing contract.
Isn’t it a business with a publisher, not released alone?
So where is it all, I’m preparing to respond flexibly according to that situation.

In fact, there are some Japanese employees who have worked in To Star.
Therefore, not only Korean words but also Japanese support and Japanese launch response are prepared to develop according to the situation.

Q. As the subculture game in China has been strong these days, it wasn’t difficult to challenge small companies.

= In fact, the momentum of the subculture game from China is scary.
But can’t you give up it for a subculture person.
And I thought that someone was ahead and thought that I would not be so behind in my life.
If the Chinese subculture game is better than us, then what will we put in?
I have been thinking about it, and the result is ‘Unlike Chronicle’.

Q. It is open to overseas markets and is impressive to emphasize the challenge.
Why did you think so?

= To briefly explain the name of the company, A-Star has changed the Alpha Castle slightly.
In the old days, did you always see the most brilliant stars on the spot, including the North Pole?
When I found a new way like that, I hoped to be a company that could be a milestone.

The reason why I continue to mention such a new way is that our country feels biased.
MMORPGs are ranked in the top sales, and MMORPGs are mentioned. In fact, how many startups can you make MMORPG?
It’s really rare.

Half of my career was spent in a position related to the Japanese market, and when I was in a Japanese game company, I was surprised at the market size, but the game in the top 100 sales earned.
So I thought I should find other markets as well as domestic markets and seek new paths.
Now, in the 17th year of the industry, there is also a desire to show more diverse business models and ways for juniors.

Q. Since I am a business model, the game of the game is not a hot topic recently.
How are you preparing?

= These days, it’s less, but if you used to collect RPGs or virtue, you didn’t say anything like spicy taste.
In order to minimize that, it aims to minimize the so-called ‘burial costs’ such as mileage systems.

Q. In the meantime, it has been mainly appealing to companies and officials such as B2B.

= Be careful because it was before the publishing contract.
And after signing a publishing contract, you should discuss the schedule with the publisher.
We want to go to B2C and do CBT, of course, for us, and we want to make such a place this year.

Q. Recently, it’s not the trend of the subculture game world to prepare for various media mixes that expand the worldview rather than just playing games.
How are you preparing this part?

= We do not want the setting we think, the worldview of the game will end with only one game.
In fact, it is difficult to give up to solve it as a subculture user before being a developer.
I know the importance of ‘telling’.
If you can do it, the costs such as web novels and webtoons are relatively inexpensive and easy to access.
As the current development stage has been raised a lot, these factors are also in full swing.

Q. Didn’t you show it to several companies at the taipei game show?
What do you explain about Unite Chronicle’s next step?

= First, it is important to refine the design, design, and planning of the game before launch.
In particular, I felt the need to test it in various ways regarding balance and difficulty.
I pursue such a difficulty that can be easily approached to some extent, and it seems to be an opportunity to check if that part is doing well.
In addition, I would like to review the work that has entered the finishing stage.

Q. I would like to hear what kind of game company I want to be known to users, and I would like to hear the future goals and its vision.

= I want to make a game with an ending in some form.
In fact, it started with mobile in many cases, but after the launch, we always thought that if our storytelling or various elements appealed, we would expand to the console and go to a deep project.
The goal is to expand as a console and create a deep project.

If you are a vision and goal in the future, you are a developer who walks on the road.
This is not a bad meaning… If you dig one of the game, this game company will make you think this.
As if it’s cap com, one action is like a company that shows the end plate.

Our outer road is the direction that digs the feeling of animation.
I have been thinking all the time since I developed unite chronicle, so I still dug up the field.
Of course, there are still many companies that are still lacking, and this field is also strong.
However, I am developing it with a pledge to stand at the end of the road in the future.

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