Choosing a Wand in Hogwarts Legacy: Wood, Color, Core and Flexibility


The choice of magic wand is an essential step in the life of a wizard or witch, although it is she chooses.
It is important to know that in Hogwarts Legacy, since you choose your wand, there is no way to change it.
You can change the cable, but not the wand itself.
You will have access to the choice during the main story when you go to Hogsmeade for the first time.

Meanwhile, Professor Fig gave you a second hand wand.
Once in Olivares, you can then choose from all different types of wood, add the wand core, define its flexibility and size and various formats.
Remembering that the wands do not affect your character’s status or gameplay, i.e. dependent on which wand you choose, you will use spells the same way, and you will not receive any kind of bonuses.
Note: If you have linked your Warding World account to your Warner os account, the questionnaire wand will be applied automatically, but you can change it yet.
Anyway the game will suggest your wand automatically, just as the selector hat will suggest a home, but in the end you choose.

The choice of wood for your magic wand

This is not a simple choice.
In the universe of Harry Potter, J.K.
Rowling has been very careful that each element influences the wizard’s life.
For example, depending on your birthday, the effect of the chosen wood will be more or less strong.

  • If you were born between December 24 and January 20: birch
  • From January 21 to Feuary 17: Mountain ashes
  • From Feuary 18 to March 17: Real
  • From March 18 to April 14: Amparo
  • From April 15 to May 12: Salguero
  • From May 13th to June 9th: Skinhead
  • From June 10th to July 7th: Carvalho
  • July 8th to August 4th: Holly
  • From August 5 to September 1: Avalara
  • September 2-29: Vineyard
  • September 30th to October 27th: Hera
  • From October 28th to November 24: cane
  • From November 25 to December 23:
    There are many types of wood.
    Here is the list and its characteristics:

The Core of the Wand

Once the wood is chosen, it is necessary to define what will be the core of your wand.
There are three types to choose from:
Dragon’s heart fiber: known for doing a powerful magic
Unicorn: known for making a consistent magic
Phoenix penalty: known for producing a variety of spells
This has no effect on combat.

Flexibility and size

Last important elements to make your wand unique: its flexibility and size.
You choose this from an elastic wand to one that is extremely rigid.
Remembering that it is impossible to modify your wand later, but the cables are part of the available equipment.
So you can at least customize your wand cable in the colors of your choice.

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