Dead Space Guide: Chapter 10 – Finding the Crew Deck Card and Ending the Day

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Find the crew deck card

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Find the crew deck card
In the previous chapter of the Dead Space, Isaac was able to save the Singularity Core of the US Value.
Unfortunately, this had a terrible cost and now Isaac and Kendra are the only survivors left of the USG Hellion repair team.

The condition of the USG Chimera is getting worse, and it is only a matter of time before they are overwhelmed by the mesomorph outbreak.
In the tenth chapter, End of Days, players must explore crew deck and look for the ferry that can be used to escape from the USG Chimera.
This is what Dead Space players can expect as they advance in the tenth chapter.
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This tutorial contains spoilers, so players must proceed with caution.
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Find the crew deck card

Getting to the ferry will not be easy, since players are completely blocked by innumerable tendrils of that organic growth that grows throughout the USG Chimera.
Not only that, but the way to follow requires an access card to the crew cover.
Follow the locator and leave the room full of bodies.


Take a quick detour to the standard bathroom and look for a level suit scheme 5. This suit update will cost 60,000 credits, but provides a decrease reduction of 20 % along with an increase in the size of the inventory, so the
players will definitely want to get this scheme…

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