Modder Makes His Switch The Steam Deck – Why? Because He Can!

Once again and again the Steam Deck is compared with the Nintendo Change, which is not unexpected, given that these are currently the two dominant handhelds on the marketplace.
The contrasts even presume that the Skin producer Brand released a Steam-deck vehicle in a switch style.
The YouTuber Spiked goes in the other direction and turns his switch out of a steam deck or at least tries.
The result is simply as amusing as bizarre, so we did not wish to withhold the video for his (spoiler alarm) ineffective attempt.

can you turn a switch into a steam deck?

In a nutshell: no.
But it is extremely amusing eccentric fodder like Spiked viewing you attempt and getting deep insights into the hardware of the Nintendo Change.
The YouTuber eliminated everything that comprises the Nintendo Change at the Steam experiment on his switch, and showed us the bare computer system lease behind the easy-to-use facade.
Fodder already handled to get Ubuntu on the switch to run, which theoretically implies that Steam’s Linux version on the portable would likewise need to work.

As soon as you remain in the Ubuntu user interface, you would only have to download and set up Steam and you would have a Steam deck for arms.
To do this, you would only require a chopped switch, which just deals with older designs of the portable and shouldn’t be that easy.
Of course, you should not hack your Nintendo Switch, hopefully it goes without saying.
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A lot of know-how is needed to get Linux on the switch.
You have to install Linux on an SD card, disrupt the Switch-owned user interface when charging and short-circuit your Pleasure Cons.


Quite a great deal of work for a disrobed variation of the Steam Deck.
The knowledgeable fodder Spike HD likewise rapidly reaches the limitations of his possibilities and, above all, the limitations of the Nintendo console.
The typical illness of the Joy Con Drift keeps hiking his mouse cursor and the Change system on the Nvidia Terra chip is not compatible with Steam, which is only suitable with X86 processors.
Spiked managed to set up Steam, however he lastly failed.
As an alleviation for itself, the YouTuber lastly installed Android with a steam skin on the sliced switch, which is the best possible alternative for a Switch Deck.
Naturally, this Modding-Edyssey had no practical usage, but it is fascinating to get the practical and limits of a console through eccentric fodder.
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