Handheld PC Steam Deck Finally Takes The Top Spot On The Steam Sales Charts After Months Of Absence

In the previous few months there have been no steam sales charts, where the handheld PC Steam Deck might not be found on the top position.
The question currently arose whether there would still be a modification on the throne in the foreseeable future.
Now that has actually occurred, since there is really a new leader.

this is the brand-new number 1 on Steam

What has currently been suggested in the previous few weeks has now become a truth: Hogwarts’s Legacy action role-playing video game had the ability to depend on the top position of the Steam sales charts, although it is not even on the marketplace.
This is possible thanks to a very effective pre-order stage in which numerous fans struck before the real release.
Steam Deck is discovered in second location after a really long time, carefully followed by the remake of the survival horror game Dead Area.


In contrast to the previous week, nevertheless, it is now only represented two times in the upper regions of the Steam sales charts.

There is likewise a lot of happening with the remainder of the top 10: the boxing game Undisputed could commemorate a successful debut and climb to fifth place.
In addition, Project Zombie returned, which the game should owe to a current discount campaign.
The recently launched Hi-fi Rush climbed up a couple of places, Call of Task: Modern Warfare 2 is the end of the leading 10. You can find the complete introduction at this point as normal.
1. Pre-order from Hogwarts Tradition
2. Steam deck
3. Dead Area
4. Pre-order from Hogwarts Legacy
5. Undisputed
6. Hi-fi rush
7. Job Zombie
8. Dead Space
9. Red Dead Redemption 2
10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
[H₂] [/h2] ## How do the Steam sales charts develop?
Incidentally, the pure number of copies of the respective video games sold is not decisive for the calculation of the present leading 10 of the Steam sales charts, however always the sales of the soft relationship offered.
Especially expensive products have an advantage.
The sales charts listed above refer to the period from January 30th to February 5, 2023. The charts we present are issued weekly in an XML eat Steam.
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