How To Master The Best Deck Of Destruction In Marvel Snap – The Deathwave Deck

Although, in general, the deck of the Marvel Snap destruction was quite dull since the official release of the game, one deck of destruction, in particular, was the main meta-threat over a large part of the life cycle, and over time its strength only grew.
This deck is a wave of death of a deck, an archetype, which focuses on synergies of destruction in an early game, turning into the discharge of hands at the last move, which adds an incredible amount of strength to the board.
Below you will find a list of the best decrees Death wave in the meta, as well as explanations for its piloting.


How to play the Death wave deck Marvel Snap

Firstly, for those who want to take a deck and immediately get down to business, the list of decks looks as follows:
Bella girl
Bucky Barnes

  • Kill monger
  • Wave
  • Shang-chi
  • Aero
  • Magneto
  • Woman Hulk
  • Death
    Also, the code of the deck can be found here:

As for piloting the deck, the strategy is quite simple.
At the beginning of the game, you want to play your inexpensive Destroy retail outlets, such as a white-white girl and Bucky Barnes to use carnage, Kill monger codes.
This will lead to the fact that your board will gradually become stronger, making your death cheaper.
Honda is similar in this regard, but it is also great to potentially break the strategy of your enemy, destroying the key card in his deck.
In addition, although the effect of Honda speaks of these removes a map from their deck, its effect is still considered a trigger to reduce the cost of death.
Shang-chi serves as the main source of destruction of the deck.
The card, as a rule, is very strong in the majority of meters, but especially in this one where the decks of Shari and the Dark Hawk are everywhere, which makes it one of the best destruction maps in the game.
The wave today is the most important map in the deck, as it includes all the combinations of the last course of the deck.
The main condition for victory in the deck is to play a wave on the 5th move to make death even cheaper, at the same time, usually limiting the opponents by playing one card on the 6th move.
Then he plays death with another powerful map to close the game.
As indicated earlier, this strategy only intensified over time, especially with the release of a female hulk.
This card also benefits from the wave of the 5th move, since with its own effect of reducing the cost you can play death, a woman and another card to knock the enemy out of the game.
Magneto and Aero are perhaps the most interesting inclusions, but also the two most powerful.
The ability of these cards to move the enemy’s actions throughout the field gives the Death wave archetype serious flexibility and makes the final move much more unpredictable.
This leads to the fact that this version of the Death wave deck has a much higher ceiling of skills, but also leads to the fact that it takes the opponents much larger than Snap Cubes.
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