Fortnite Guide: How To Quickly Damage Protective Shields And Get An Edge In The Battle Royale

In Fortnite, players can use completely new elements that improve impressions of the royal battle.
Guardian Shield is a new item that can help players protect themselves from cruel attacks of opponents.
Damage to the guard shield is part of the Oath bound quest in Fortnite, chapter 4, season 1. This is how you can damage the guard shields to get microchips in Fortnite.

How to get microchips from Guardian Shields in Fortnite

New weapons, resources or improving reality-all this is part of the transaction that helps players commit more murders and survive longer in the game.
But before players can get microchips in their own hands, you need to find the guardian shield.
Finding guardians is easy;
They can be found anywhere on the map as prey.
A simpler way to find guardians to plunder are to plunder the chests tied with an oath.
Players can easily find these chests in the citadel, broken plate are the anvils as they move in the game.

In this quest, players need only one microchip from Guardian Shields to complete the test.
Having found Guardian Shield, players need to deploy it on Earth, and the subject will automatically create a blue shield in front of them.
Now it remains only to damage Guardian Shield, which can be done using a tool for harvesting or any shift weapon.


After receiving damage, the guardian dumps microchips.
Collect microchips quickly to move forward in the test.
Finding these shields may be difficult even after prey or if the players landed somewhere far on the map.
The best option would be just to play as usual and wait until the enemy uses it during the battle.
This would give players the opportunity to shoot a guard shield so that he easily drops microchips.
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