The Epic Showdown of the All-Rounders: Van Aert vs. Van der Poel at the Cross World Cup in

They already dueled as a teen, are most likely the largest all-rounders in cycling history and make the competitors appear like in their duels and pitiful extras.
When the cross season reached its peak in front of over 50,000 fans in Hoogerheide in Dutch with the World Cup, there is only one question to clarify: Out van Art or Mathieu van der Poem?
2 years after the gripping Hat over the beach of Hosted, there is a battle for the rainbow jersey in between the Belgian and the Dutch on the Brabant Was.
I don’t necessarily need the world champion jersey. But it would be amazing to wear it once again. It was a while back, states van Art.

This winter season, the 28-year-old goes a little preferred into the World Cup duel with its competitor of the exact same age.
Van Art won nine triumphs in 13 races and was never even worse than second.
Van her Poem drove another race and stood twelve times on the podium dock there were only 6 wins.
In addition, because his capital fall in the mountain bike race of the Tokyo Olympic Games, he has actually consistently been tossed back by back problems.
My chances are 50:50, Out was ahead this season a lot more often, states van der Poem.

House video game and the dad planner of the World Cup course: benefit for Van Art?

There is likewise a unique relationship in between van der Poem EU Overhead.
As soon as very good crosser, it is his daddy’s birthplace and the race is even named after the.
And to take the entire thing to the severe, Addie van der Poem even prepared and demolished the World Cup course.
Advantage for the junior?
No, that wouldn’t work, states Papa van der Poem.
The unique thing about the duel in between Van Art and van der Poem is that it takes location almost throughout the year.
While trip winner Jonas Vinegar subordinates his preparation of the France tour in the summer or traditional professional John Degenkolb sees the cobblestone hollow Paris-Roubaix as a climax, van Art and van der Poem treat themselves to a break.
With the spring classics, they are simply as much the winners similar to many stages of the tour.
And in winter it continues the cross-country bike.
As a relaxation workout, so to speak.
These are the only races a year when none of me is anticipated. I have a good time in winter season, says Van Art.
Van Art is a complimentary spirit on the muddy courses on which it is always driven with maximum pulse.
On the street, he often puts himself in the service of his group Jumbo-Visma and still managed to win a time trial, a sprint stage and an area in the high mountains throughout the Tour de France.

long-lasting feud in eleven years

The function of Van her Poem is various.
He is the undisputed star of his team, it is all about the two-time Flanders winner.
These battles with Van Art are also the salt in the soup for the Dutch born in Belgium, the extra inspiration.
They drove for the very first time in Onside for the World Cup jersey in Onside eleven years back.
At that time van der Poem won, the face of Van Art on the images that are still enjoyed today speaks volumes.
We press each other to a higher level, highlights van Art.
The Belgian struck back in the U23 location two years later on.
In the elite comparison, van der Poem is now 4: 3 ahead.
The relationship in between the two superstars of the mud battles is identified by cool.


You do not always go on holiday together, however you can’t do without the other.
It needs to be a unique celebration for Van Art to get the 4th World Cup title on a course set by Van her Poem’s daddy.

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