League Of Legends: Shen Top Lane Guide For Season 13 – Runes, Builds and Strategies To Play Like A Pro

See our guide to play from Shen as a to planer at League of Legends during season 13.
Keep in mind that this guide is not fixed for any and all games-each has its own particularities-and the runes and builds to use with the twilight eye need to be adapted to each match.

This guide on how to play from Shen Top at LOL’s Season 2023 is a direction.

Runes of Shen in League of Legends

Shen’s best runes to play on the top route in the 13th season of League of Legends.
It is currently the most used.

Initial items and best she boots in the League of Legends

We suggest buying the following initial items to get advantage playing from Shen in LOL season 13.

Mythical Shen Item No League of Legends

The best mythical item for using Shen playing on the middle route on LOL’s Season 2023 is:

Complete Shen Builds in League of Legends

Players are currently following the following itemization for Shen.
But remember: Each match has its uniqueness and cutting items, magic resistance or others may be more necessary.
Be aware of the match-up.
Solar aegis turns tanks into terrible threats into prolonged combat.
The thorn armor allows tanks to inflict painful holidays, preventing enemy champions from panting, especially when they are immobilized.

Shen’s Skill Order to Pure in League of Legends

In this section you will find our advice on how to prioritize your skills playing with Shen as a to planer.
Depending on the situation, sometimes you may prefer to prioritize a different skill

Best Summoner Spells for Shen in League of Legends

Following are the two most commonly used summoner spells by players with the top route from the top.
They may vary depending on your style of play, match-up etc.

How to play from Shen in League of Legends

Shen is a very strong character that also applies a lot of damage, especially in longer fights.
The passive I barrier has cooldown reduced when you hit an enemy with one of your spells, which guarantees you more resistance.
The Twilight Attack (Q) guarantees bonus damage to Shen’s next three basic attacks.
These two skills allow Shen to have a lot of potential in a duel.
In Lane Phase:
Level 1: Put your spiritual sword with twilight attack (Q) in the farther shrub as possible on your route.
If your opponent crosses the line between you and the sword, call it back to apply retardation and to attack your enemy.
Level 2: Use Shadow Race (E) to play aggressively if you have a jungle vision, if not, run away.
Level 6: Use keeping the union (r) to get an aggressive map advantage.
After Lane Phase, two options will be available to you:
Advance your route and join your teammates to engage.
In this case, Ultimate keeps the Union ® becomes a defensive weapon.
Stay on the edges of the map to accompany your minions and overthrow some towers.
The running shadowing ability (E) can be used following an initiation made by its allies.
Note that the shield provided by maintaining the union (R) is commonly underestimated.
Therefore, this spell is more useful offensive than defensively.


Tips and tricks

  • Spiritual refuge (W) ignores the impact effects of a basic attack, such as Twisted Fate’s Golden Letter.
  • Shadow race (E) crosses walls.
  • Shadow Race (E) can be canceled by a Knockdown or enemy stunning.
  • You can use a flash to change the trajectory and/or range of shadows (E) to surprise enemies.
    However, it should be used after the end of your E.
  • Maintaining the Union ® can be interrupted by enemy control.
    Try to anticipate this and move away before you throw your spell.
  • Your spells reduce the cooldown of the passive I barrier.
    Try to delay them to be able to use their passive to the fullest.
    This guide used the statistics gathered in the localities and U.GG portals.

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