Dive Into The Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0 With The Exciting New Map Ashika Island

Infinity Ward and Raven Software Tune gamers on the start of Season 2 at Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2.
A couple of weeks prior to the start, the developers presented one of the biggest developments in the upcoming season: the new War zone Map Ashoka Island
The smaller revival card comes as an option to the big Al March map in the Fight Royale shooter and promises quicker BR fights due to smaller sized measurements.


According to Charlie Intel, the card offers area for around 50 gamers.

First information and photos of Ashoka Island.

The first images of Ashoka Island were also released via the brief message service Twitter.
The material reveals, to name a few things, all intriguing places of the Japan map.
The Lois include a shipwreck, the Ski Castle, a harbor, a town hall, farms and a beach club.
In another image you take a first take a look at the Ski Castle, which was normal of Japan.
We have more snapshots in our gallery.
At the same time, the designers confirm a previous leak and remark that Ashoka Island supports both renewal and DMZ.

brand-new map for the Season 2 start

Ashoka Island need to be readily available on time for the Season 2-Start in War zone 2.0.
The new season is scheduled for February 15th.
An update is readily available around the launch that supplements the Fight Royale shooter with the brand-new material.
Previously, the makers currently announced modifications to the loot.
If you put a challenger in War zone 2.0 from Season 2, the victim rests on the flooring from now on.
Modifications are also pending for loot boxes.

If you open one in the future, the content consisted of therein will also be placed on the flooring.
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