How Long Does It Take To Complete Dead Space Remake? Check Out Our Detailed Guide Here!

Dead Space Remake is finally available for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S-e on Friday, which means that the weekend is right there, and it is likely that many players interested in diving in the spatial horror of this recreation do this
in a true marathon.
If you are one of these fans and on top of that you have the determination to search for all the trophies or simply complete everything the game has to offer, check out how many hours take to zero Dead Space Remake.

finish the game from beginning to end without extras

If exploration is not something that pleases you, the side rooms are a waste of time, you have decided to follow your tracker to the letter from the start to the end of the game and kill a minimum of mesomorphs, it takes between 12 and 13 hours in a slow rhythm
To zero Dead Space Remake.
However, we advise you to go to a minimum of non-mandatory rooms on your way to catch ammunition and life kits of normal difficulties-this may even save some time of the total to complete, as these features are needed for you in many
Moments of the game.

Complete history and secondary missions

Unfortunately, secondary missions are quite poor in content, you can count between 14 and 15 hours to make the few deviations needed to see certain elements of history, all written and voice records, as well as the general security pass to open everyone
The blocked rooms and coffers in the game.


Complete the game 100%

To get all the trophy and platinum trophy on Dead Space, you can easily count at least 40-45 hours, knowing that you will have to play basketball in space, end once in the New Game+ (all difficulties), another in the impossible difficulty), another using only the plasma cutter (all difficulties), or unlock the secret ending recovering all hidden fragments of the marker in NG+.

The contents of the trophy is quite extensive and difficult to find and will keep it busy for long hours if you want to venture into the depths of USG Chimera many times.

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