What is the strongest clan? Mgame Lua Ruin update.

Game (CEO Won Leeching) announced on the 15th that its real-time hybrid SLG (Strategic and Simulation) LE ROI (LE ROI) will be updated to add five new heroes to cover the strongest clan of the server and five new heroes.

The royal warfare is a core content of lua and is a battle to occupy the royalty of Ill in the center of the kingdom (server).
The Lands, which began in the edge of the kingdom, have been preparing for a large-scale war to expand their clan areas, increase their combat power, and become the only king of the kingdom.

Clan, who occupied the royalty of the Wool Wang, can benefit from the nomination of the king for a week, with beneficial effects such as the increase in scientific research and the increase of training, the ban on hostile clans, and the migration of sex.

It is expected that there will be a lot of benefits, and the battle between the clan to check it will be fierce every week.

Five new hero characters are also introduced, including roses of the water attribute, fire attribute Conroy prosecutor, wooden attribute invincible fighter Mars, light attribute saving cage, and dark attribute night witch releases.

Heroes can be obtained through roulette events and great permanent events by completing certain quests.


In addition, if you purchase a package from the 25th to February 7th next year, you can receive the items necessary for the development of the gander development, such as the first hero, the resource selection box, the experience box, and the speed increase boost.

Lee Senghor, head of the Game Business Strategy Office, said, This update is like a signal that informs Lua’s full-fledged war era, which aims to be a constant battle between clans.
I will add Human’s world by adding.

Meanwhile, Lua, which was released on the 10th of last month, developed a territory, created a legion, set up a strategy to grow into the strongest monarch through a hybrid mobile game that combines a three-match puzzle combat system.
In a week after its launch, it won the top three popular game rankings.

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