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75 hours later, the view of Victoria 3 has strengthened-this is a great strategy game!
Paradox’s latest mammoth publication Victoria 3 collected incense in his review for five stars.
Now, in the aftermath, the image has only been strengthened-despite its strange bugs, this is the actual game of the year.
Macho Scandinavia bounces on her neighbors as she wants, and on that side frees Finland from the Russian yoke.

Must… Play… more…

The harsh truth of gaming reviews is that it is not possible to play several publications 100 % through the review, especially in the case of a massive, over a hundred-hour strategy or role-playing game.
In this case, the criticism must be made on the basis of a sufficiently comprehensive impression.
Almost always the impression also keeps, because if the publication has tinted during ten hours of the game, the final should be quite a bit to ruin the whole.
In movies or books, the final solution may be disappointing, but in games, the end can be deceiving mainly because of too long stretching-game mechanics rarely do a gig.
After saying this, Victoria 3 is one of this year’s publications that did not miss.
For major strategy games, penetration is a questionable term, for, for example, Europa Universalism IV can be played for good reason for four-digit hours without seeing everything that the simulation has to give.
The Victoria series games are in the same category.
After 75, I still have not played one full centenary in Sweden, and then the United States, Germany, Asian countries…
But it does tell something if the release has to be beaten long after the review.
Not to mention EU IV, which was published almost a decade ago and still remains on my list.
I argue that the Vic3 offers more got material, the more it is immersed in its world.
Simulation or prophecy?
The United States is stuck in the eternal fascist civil war.

Bugs and fascists always spoil everything nice

With plenty of gaming, the vision is also constantly being refined.
Paradox games are also known for its complexities.
Different funny bugs rise to From for tens of hours.
For example, countries that guide artificial intelligence may end up in an eternal civil war where, due to the trenches, both sides will remain eternal defense.
During my round, the United States never developed into the world hunt because of the eternal fascist uprising.
Like Paradox, all of these will also be repaired, and the first major Earl Grey update for version 1.1 was released on 5.12.


The repair list seems quite a bit, and at least for myself, this is the most important point: Revolutions will now always lose some amount of war support, Even when they’re out of troops, So they can on Forever.

In addition, dozens of other things have finally been fixed.
For a gaming reviewer, this kind of semifinished product is absolutely terrible to judge.
Should the publication be condemned based on its current state, or should a rude exterior and occasional strange behavior be seen in the soul of the game?
The most clearly such situation was encountered at the Cyberpunk 2077, where beta was injected into production.
For me, it was a 5/5 publication despite his defects, but Petra set a grade in his review directly.
Hunger increases as you eat: Victoria 3 is still one of the best economic simulators that offer an incredible playground for the player.
The prize gala will meet even though the winning list was finally not won!

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