Netflix turns 25 and these are the 10 best series in history according to IMDB


On August 29, Netflix turned 25. The earthquake that shook the world of cinema, series and entertainment in general already accumulates a quarter of a century of productions and to celebrate it we wanted to choose the 10 best fictions that the platform h given (always according to IMDB). A list of the most eclectic that, what do you think of you? Do you compete with the 10 best of HBO in its 50 years of history?

The lt Dance

  • Note: 9.1
  • Gender: Sports Documentary
  • Seons: 1 (10 episodes issued in 2020)

Synopsis: Docuseries full of unprecedented material of the 1997-98 seon of the NBA. In it the career of the legendary bkets Michael Jordan, one of the greatest icons of sport of all time, is reviewed, and his lt year with the successful Chicago Bulls of the 90s.


  • Note: 9.0
  • Gender: animation, adventures
  • Seons: 1 (9 episodes issued in 2021)

Synopsis: Arcane delves into the precarious balance between the rich city of Plover and the sordid and oppressed AAU It allows anyone to control the magical energy, and on the other, of a new drug in Faun called Shimmer that transforms humans into monsters. The rivalry between the two cities divides families and friends. Arcane also gives life to the life of the Relationships that mold some famous League of Legends champions, such VI, Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce and Viktor.

Black Mirror

  • Note: 8.8
  • Gender: Drama, futuristic dystopia
  • Seons: 5 (23 episodes issued between 2011 and 2019)

Synopsis: Anthology that shows the dark side of technology and how it affects and can alter our life, sometimes with consequences unpredictable terrifying. The chapters are independent with each other and have a totally different ct and plots, whose only common point is the power of new technologies to move the world.

BoJack Horseman

  • Note: 8.8
  • Gender: Black Comedy, Existentialist Drama
  • Seons: 6 (77 episodes issued between 2014 and 2020)

Synopsis: In a world where anthropomorphic humans and animals coexist, the protagonist of the series is the horse BoJack Horseman, protagonist of a welcomed in the 90s. After years of decline and a stormy personal life, Back intends to come back To the candlestick through an autobiography for which she will have with the help of a ghostwriter, Diane Nguyen. But Back will also have to deal with the demands of his ex-girlfriend and agent, the Data Princess Carolyn, his floor partner, Todd Chávez, and his lovely Mr. Peanut butter, a Labrador dog who is Diane’s boyfriend and triumphed with a very similar sitcom


  • Note: 8.8
  • Gender: Police, real events
  • Seons: 3 (30 episodes issued between 2015 and 2017)

Synopsis: The efforts of the United States, mainly through the DEA, and the authorities and police of Colombia, to fight in the 80s against drug trafficker Pablo Escobar and the Medellín poster, one of the most criminal organizations rich and ruthless in the history of modern crime.

The Crown

  • Note: 8.7
  • Gender: Historic drama
  • Seons: 5 (50 episodes issued since 2016)

Synopsis: The story of the lt queen of England, Isabel II, and the relationship between two of the most famous directions in the world: the Buckingham Palace and the number 10 of Downing Street, with the intrigues, loves and machinations behind The events that forged the second half of the 20th century. Two houses, two cuts, a crown. Each seon treats political rivalries and personal intrigues for a decade of the reign of Isabel II and explores the delicate balance between his private life and public life.

Stranger Things

  • Note: 8.7
  • Gender: Adventures, Fanty, Terror
  • Seons: 4 (34 episodes issued since 2016)

Synopsis: Tribute to the clsic supernatural mysteries of the 80s, Stranger Things is the story of a child who disappears in the small town of Hawkins, Indian The local sheriff are wrapped in an extraordinary enigma: ultra-secret experiments, terrifying paranormal forces and a very rare girl…


  • Note: 8.7
  • Gender: Mystery, Paranormal
  • Seons: 3 (26 episodes issued between 2017 and 2020)

Synopsis: After the disappearance of a young man, four desperate families try to understand what happened they reveal a twisted mystery that covers three decades… familiar saga with a supernatural turn, Dark is located in a German town, where two Mysterious disappearances expose the double lives and the cracked relationships between these four families.

House of Cards

  • Note: 8.7
  • Gender: political drama
  • Seons: 6 (73 episodes issued between 2013 and 2018)

Synopsis: The implacable and manipulator Congressman Francis Underwood, with the complicity of his calculator woman, manages with great skill the threads of power in Whington. His intention is to occupy the State Secretariat of the new government. He knows very well that the media are vital to achieve their purpose, so he decides to become the deep throat of the young and ambitious journalist Zoe Barnes, which he offers exclusive to destabilize and sink his political adversaries.


  • Note: 8.6
  • Gender: Police, serial killers
  • Seons: 2 (19 episodes issued between 2017 and 2019)

Synopsis: Two FBI agents (Jonathan Goff and Holt McCall any) revolutionize research techniques to find the responses to how to catch serial killers and psychopathic minds. Among the criminals who have investigated are names such Charles Manson, Richard Speck, John Wayne Gacy and James Earl Ray, doing a detailed study to understand their motives.

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