Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive reboots would be on their way

10 years have passed since the last installment of Ninja Garden and three years since Dead or Alive 6 arrived in our hands. Now, a new report has indicated that Team Ninja, responsible for these two series, have plans to make reboots of these franchises in the undetermined future.

According to a talk that Fiumicino Masada, president of Team Ninja, had in South Korea this week, translated by Rule, the development is working to give fans more news as soon as possible. At the end of his panel, a slide was shown where you can see an image of the two series with the headline, the future of Team Ninja: restart of popular series in Japanese.


However, when questioned on this topic, Goa Team responded with the following message:

We have nothing to announce at this time.

Masada, who previously worked as the director of Ninja Garden 3 of 2012, said he would love to return to work in this series, but it would be necessary that all the pieces would have to fit for a new installment. Although there is no more information for the moment, it seems that it is only a matter of time before this happens.

For its part, the Dead Or Alive series has remained quite strong in recent years, and although a reboot could do a favor to the continuity of this series, a seventh numerical installment could also work without any problem. We can only expect and see what will happen to these plans.

In related issues, you can learn more about Fiumicino Masada about the future of Ninja Garden here. Similarly, Team Ninja knows that fans want a new installment of this series.

Editor’s note:

Although a reboot from Dead or Alive does not sound so interesting, a second reboot of Ninja Garden would make the series have a new place in the industry. The action games have evolved, and Team Ninja has refined its formula in the last 10 years, so another delivery would have a more interesting proposal.

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