Kratos dies in God of War Ragnarok? Check out the list of all characters who die in the game


The most anxious fans who have not yet completed the work may be concerned about Rates’ fate in God of War Ragnarök. We will tell not only if the God of war dies in the game, but all the characters who have lost their lives in the story. Obviously the text below is with several spoilers.

Rates die in God of War Ragnarök?

Several prophecies point to Rates’ death in God of War Ragnarök, but does that happen? Not. You can reassure yourself, for the God of war remains alive (at least in this title). Even in the face of all the murals and oracle predictions, his fate does not end now.

Given this we need to question the words of the NO RNAS. They claim that Rates will die, but not necessarily that this would happen in Ragnarök. Nevertheless, they say his story is short, so it would not be a surprise if the god of war died in a next title.

The Normal are like the sisters of the fate of Greek mythology (which Rates killed). It is evident that they do not write the story of anyone, but just read.

It is a very intense and impressive moment in the game, as we realize that Rates’s fate is sealed. This generates concern in players who do not want the god of war to go. Atreus who saw the prophecy of his dead father, while joining with Odin, also creates an atmosphere that implies that Rates will die.

Of course the god of war can die if you do not perform the Quick Time events and do not have the necessary ability. In this case, some deaths may be utal.

List of who dies in God of War Ragnarök

  • ok-dodin kills
  • Surprise Ragnarök himself
  • Hiimdall-kratos the forest
  • Thor-dodin kills you
  • Odin-Sindri Matey
  • France Sacrifice
  • Sacrifice
  • Fenrir-hare, but is well is resurrected
  • Nidhogg-Kratos and Freya Madam

Of course, a multitude of bosses and enemies also die, including elves, Valkyrie, undead, dragons, hunters, beasts, monsters, ghosts, spectra, witches and more.

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