This is the best M4 load in MW2

Trying to find out which is the best weapon will always be something subjective. However, this time we arrive at an objectively correct response that everyone who plays the game can support. Unique us while we indicate the best assault rifle in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Best assault rifle in MW2

If some time has passed in the game, you probably know what assault rifle is the best. That’s right, it’s the M4. Now, the M4 that comes as part of the predetermined class with which you start is garbage, so do not think it is based on that.

On the other hand, once you can edit a load and start placing attachments in the M4, it is where it really begins to shine. It is possible that the Kastov-74U or the TAQ-56 are better, but the fact that they do not level up or have any kind of view instantly eliminates them both from the race.

The M16, being burst, is not considered for this either. Using a burst assault rifle is a matter of personal preference, but there has never been a Rafael assault rifle better than a totally automatic one.

The best M4 load in Cod Modern Warfare 2

Here is our recipe for the best m4 you can do around the tenth level of the weapon:

  • Rear grip: Skin Ex fists
  • Under the cannon: FSS Shark fin 90
  • Barrel: Tempos Hightower 20″ Barrel

With this configuration, it works both if you want to use it in totally automatic mode as if you want to take semi-automatic distant photographs such as the FTA Recon. This is a great burden, whether you want to take her to prison rescue or Knock out, as well as Team Deathwatch.


As we immerse ourselves more in the game in the coming weeks, we will make sure to update this guide in case we find other new and improved equipment for the M4 that you should know. However, for now, this load perfectly balances a fast TTK (time to kill) and constant precision and setback that make the M4 such a lethal weapon both closely and from afar.

If you want to familiarize yourself more with the available weapons, we have a guide for all weapons with screenshots included in each.

That is all you need to know about the best assault rifle in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. We strongly recommend that load. Be sure to review the links below to get other guides that help you win in Modern Warfare 2. One, War zone 2 is also available, and you should also consult our game coverage.

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