Name value properly, release video of Skyscraper gameplay video

Latvia Studio, which is developing the next-generation shooter game Skyscraper, recently unveiled a trailer with the world view of the game and gameplay through the official YouTube channel.

‘Skyscraper’ is an urban shooter game that tells the stories of ‘Hikers’, a player who participated in the future sports ‘Super Bit Grand Prix’, which deals with the survival competition of reinforced humans in 2045. It features a wing suit that jumps out of high buildings, an advanced parkour system, and a strategic gameplay that utilizes various special equipment and vehicles in the game.

This video shows the monologue interviews of ‘Held’, the chairman of ‘Hell Road’, which hosts and contains major hikers such as ‘Travis’, ‘Ceres’, ‘Mystery’, and ‘Lung’.

In addition, the in-gameplay video shows the differentiated game of ‘Skyscraper’. Like the title of the game, ‘Hikers’ gathered in the ‘Skyscraper’ building rooftop, starting with the brilliant movement of each personality, and dynamic action and battle such as grappling hooks, zip lines, and parkour. You can enjoy the scene.

‘Rotate Studio’ plans to expand the ‘Skyscraper’ universe to various contents with this trailer release. We are preparing to showcase the fascinating stories of ‘Hikers’ in the future and the ‘Hiker’ in the future through collaboration with Aka Entertainment with other content. Currently, Aka Entertainment is preparing for the Skyscraper web novel, and is planning a series according to the game launch schedule.

Hwang Wang-jun, who is in charge of the art of Skyscrapers, said, Skyscraper is developing universe from the beginning of development. In the long run, the game is based on the original fun, and I think that the life of the game lasts longer when a solid narrative is added. This effort helped me to express and create the art of the game. We will continue to expand our Sky crapper IP through collaboration with various content platforms.


Meanwhile, Latvia Studio will participate in the Dream Hack Festival in Atlanta, USA, from November 18 to 20, and will release the in-gameplay of ‘Skyscraper’ for the first time offline through tournament events.

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