This is the number of active players in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

A few weeks ago Call of Duty was officially launched: Modern Warfare II to the market, a game that supposes the restart of the original launch we saw many years ago. This has been sold very well, so many have come to ask what is the number of active players, and it seems that we already have the answer.

According to statistics, there would be approximately three and 10 million people who are playing the title frequently, not to say little, there has been moments when Steam told little more 300,000 players at the same time. Then, in consoles there must also be a quite remarkable figure, either on platforms PlayStation and Xbox .

The maximum of 10 million is based on the fact that Activision states that he obtained $800 million in revenues after the launch of the game. $800 million divided per $80 (the median amount of the different editions of MW2) is equal to 10 million. Even so, it may be that the numbers are not so successful, they should constantly fluctuate.

It is worth saying that Activision has not taken as the 100% reliable numbers, so we will have to wait a little more to know all the accurate data that should be balanced with the distributed copies, whether physical or digital. It shouldn’t miss a lot of time, after all the company likes to thank fans for reaping successes.

Via: Game revolution

Editor’s note : This news is no longer surprises in these times, since each delivery exceeds the number of sales obtained. That means that the number of players should be considerable.

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