Rivers, Aldo_Geo and Pompeii conquer the dedication of Crash Royal during the last twitch rivals

Twitch rival competitions are one of the greatest events that people in the community expect with many desires to see their favorite content creators fight for some very large monetary awards, this time there are great games in the mobile game of cards From Crash Royal where several personalities of the purple platform were measured to show their best game.

Teams from several countries represented by great Twitch personalities prepared for this battle, with 8 teams that had captains to professional players accompanied by two content creators, things became very interesting in each of the rounds, taking into account that this Edition was created by Ended to seek to give a little more Salado among the streamers.

An interesting advance within the competition was what was lived in each game until it reached the final phase where the Peru team led by camp_CR and accompanied by Ilocochon together with Certain aggressively before the Colombian squad made up of s Urgicalgoblin, Charissa and last to take the pass to the grand finale with a 2-0.


In the second semifinal we have a classic of nations between Mexico against the United States, the Mesa squad is represented by Pompeyo4, Aldo_geography and Rivers_GG while EU has in its ranks Bale_GG, Fernando and Comanche, this confrontation was too even ordering to a third scenario where The Mexican team manages to excel in the battle to advance to the final.

During the grand final we had Peru against Mexico having a two against two between Fernando/Comanche and Rivers/Aldo where we saw a great team work of the Mexican team that takes the first point, in the second game Pompey faces CAMP in A very even game between two professional players, but the miner’s letter was the key piece that gave victory to the Mexican team.

A very good battle that ends tilted for the Mexico team that takes the victory after ending with two wins and demonstrating that the constancy next to the training can give this type of results to get the glory in this battle, a great skill display that works spectacularly that places them on the podium to take the glory.

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