Attack on Titan Libera New Art for the last season

The anime world always has an imminent end, that happened at the time with Naruto, Dragon Quest: Die ‘s adventure, Death Note, among other classics that have been praised by fans. This will happen with the popular Attack on Titan , a franchise that has been silent to prepare the animation that will conclude these colossal characters.

Thus, a new poster was launched that brings together a certain combination of soldiers. Those who appear are Midas, Jean, Armin, Levi, Range and Even . The funny thing about all this is that basically everyone has their respective uniform. However, there is someone who needs, since he only has white clothes with him, which indicates that he could become Titan.

Here you can see it:

New Illustration of Attack on Titan!

One week until the special event 2022 where new information about the final season will be shared.

For those who do not know the work, this is their synopsis:


One hundred years ago, the Titans appeared. Given this invasion, humanity was forced to hide after huge walls so as not to become food. In this way, human beings could renew peace and prosperity, to the point of almost forgetting the true reason why they lived locked up. Then Even Jaeger appears, a young man who dreams of the outside world, tired of conformism.

Remember that next year the last season will be released.

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