Iem Major Rio: Supporter is expelled from arena for provoking opponents

The azilian fans in IEM Major Rio 2022 has been featured for the strong presence for euphoria with each game. This mood is contagious to representatives of the country in the CS: GO tournament, but this does not apply to opponents of azilian teams, which are constantly targeted by provocations. This is what happened during the match between Curia and Gamer legion , when a fan was expelled from the event after a conduct view as inadequate by the event.

In a calculation made by GE , a 16-year-old was removed from Ribbentrop after making a gesture seen as aggressive and had his withdrawal requested during a match for the fourth round of Challengers Stage , held on Wednesday (2). The provocation would have been destined for ISAF ISAF Fallen, player of the opposing team. According to the report, among the attitudes of the punished young man would also have a gesture of the neck, which was not appreciated by ESL , which spoke for the press office.


The fan was removed by security by constant verbal and physical threats that were sent directly to the teams on the opening days of the event. Which eventually led him to be removed from the scene, the advisory explained.

Although the competitiveness is one of the points that make the championships so attractive, ESL has shown that it is still necessary to know how to dose. The (teenager) of Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, said he caused several opponents, but acknowledged that he had passed the limits in the episode that led to his expulsion in an interview with GE.

I ended up passing a little of the boundaries, I did some wrong gestures, and they decided to withdraw. Used social networks to apologize to the athlete.

Swedish ISAF, Gamerlegio player and one of the victims of the fan attacks, said in an interview with GE not taking his gestures seriously, even found the situation funny. But he believes the punishment was correct.

I don’t take these things very seriously. Obviously they wanted the fury to win, so they were trying to distract us. I didn’t find it bad. He apologized, but I didn’t remember if I answered and accepted..

Although the athlete has revealed the attitudes of the azilian, the punishment remains maintained, which causes apprehension to the mother of the fan. According to her, the trip to IEM Major Rio 2022 is a birthday gift to her son, who would go to all the championship games. In addition, the fan discovered later that his punishment would have left requests from members of the European OG .

azil’s enthusiasm in competitions is already well known, and fans in the CS championship: GO even drawn attention to the fans similar to that of the football community. The mood also conquered the opponents, as admitted by ISAF in an interview.

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