Soccer player bears his name in honor of Goku

Many haves had the idea of naming one of our children as characters from an anime. While most do not go from this thought, there are some that actually fulfill this desire. This is the case of a Brazilian player, who has a son under the name Dekakaroto.

Fabricio is a former Brazilian football player, who was a rowing champion in 2015, and who is a big fan of Dragon Ball z, to the degree that he called his son Alejandro Nakamoto . Like his father, Nakamoto is a football player, who is currently part of the Brazil series CC lube, and where he stands out in the U-17 team. This was what he commented on his peculiar name:

My name comes from my father, a former athlete, when I played. During the concentrations he saw the anime Dragon Ball Z. There is a character Roku, his name is Nakamoto, hence my name.


Without a doubt, it is good to see that at least Nakamoto does not recently have any with his father by name. Like Alejandro, there are hundreds of people around the world who carry names inspired by an anime or television series . Do not forget that Halves was very popular during the time when Game of Thrones was on the air.

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