Last Claudia starts official service on November 15th

Global Game Publisher Bolt rend Games announced today that Bolt rend Games has confirmed the official service schedule of 2D dot-based mobile RPG ‘Last Claudia’ developed and serviced by Japan AIDS.

Last Claudia, which was confirmed on November 15th, is the world’s ‘Ganglia’, where humans and beasts coexist, and the articles ‘Kyle’ and the beasts ‘Ray’, which are part of the 12th Knights, jointly tasked. It is a dot action RPG that is unfolded by the whirlpool of destiny that shakes the worldview in the process of performing.

The number of pre-booking applicants has recently surpassed 400,000. Bolt rend Games will present 3,000 crystals that can proceed with Geisha draw immediately after the official service, and at the same time, if the number of applicants for the remaining time is achieved, the final 500,000 applicants are achieved. I will present.

An official of Bolt rend Games said, As the service of Last Claudia is approaching the full forward, we are working on the event to develop the direction and formal service for Korean users, and to make up the update plans. We are planning to stabilize the service and operate services for users during the period, so we ask for your interest in the future.

Meanwhile, Last Claudia is currently holding a pre-booking event through the official website, the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. More information and events related to the game can be found on the official website and community.

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