Victoria guide 3 prestige

You can build your country to get several ranks in Victoria 3. Each rank shows how glorious and powerful this country has become. The higher your rank, the more influence you have on worldly affairs.

Your rank also determines how other countries look at you. To become great power in Victoria 3, the highest of the seven ranks, you will receive global coverage. You can get involved in distant conflicts, and other countries will be forced to listen to you during negotiations.

Prestige is one of the two factors determining the rank of your country. Prestige includes many factors, but in general it is a measure of your constant progress compared to other countries of the world.

The next leadership will tell you more about which factors affect prestige and how you can increase your prestige, in order, in turn, increase your country’s rating in Victoria 3.

How to get high prestige in Victoria 3

have an impressive army


Improving your army directly helps you increase your prestige in Victoria 3. You must strengthen your army with new improvements in order to further increase your country’s defense capacity.

It should be noted here that the presence of a large army will give you prestige. However, improving the combat capabilities of your army will give you additional prestige.

have an impressive fleet

As in the case of the army, the presence of a strong fleet will increase your prestige in Victoria 3. However, unlike the army, you will receive much more prestige if you manage to build an impressive fleet.

have high GDP

GDP reflects the general economy of the country. The higher the GDP, the more you should spend on your country, and the more prestige you will receive.

Be sure to maintain income streams, because if your GDP starts to fall, you will also begin to lose prestige. This is a double-sided street.

have a high culture rating

Investments in culture in return will give you prestige. For example, you can build an art academy to promote art in your country. This alone gives prestige, but you can get even more, becoming a philanthropist and sponsored art for many years.

be in the top three of the best manufacturers of goods

If your country manages to become one of the largest manufacturers of goods in the world, you will receive a lot of prestige in return. In this case, there are three tiers: the first, second and third.

Even if you are a manufacturer of the third-largest product in the world, you will still have an impressive amount of prestige. Just note that some products give you more prestige than others. You can check this on the Market/Trade tab.

engage in multinational projects

Follow new expeditions and global projects. For example, by sending an expedition team to remote regions of the world for research, you will receive a lot of prestige. You can also build a dam or channel in another region to get more prestige.

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