Lineage 2, a new class assassin, ahead of the 19th anniversary of the 19th anniversary

NC soft will update the 19th anniversary of lineage 2 on November 2.

The update adds a new class ‘Assassin’, a new server assassination and guardian. In addition, ▲ 5 kinds of hunting grounds of memories ▲ interface reorganization ▲ character growth support.

You can also receive a black coupon on November 2. If you use a black coupon, you can fail to enchant and recover the destroyed items.

The assassin distorted the surrounding time and had a fast-moving mobilization and a combat style using shadows. Although it is a melee dealer, it can also cover long-range battles using shadows.

The new server will then hold a regular server assassination and a non-PVP (Nonstop) server protection on weekdays. New servers offer consumables to help rapid growth and three three-star magic books.


NC will make an update pre-booking until midnight on the 30th, and the participants will be coins of the assassin who can register in the assassin doll and the collection.

Subsequently, the new server pre-character creation event will be held from 8:00 pm to midnight on October 26th. When you create a character, you will receive a pet selection ticket that can exchange with the desired pet and a growth support gift that includes various consumables.

For more information, please visit the Lineage 2 official website.

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