ARK: How to get fiber (Survival Evolved)

ARK allows players to live their greatest fantasies of playing during an era in which dinosaurs wandered freely. They will have to survive, create and make their way fighting to achieve a stable existence between these great beasts. A good way to make sure you live alive is to create many things. A very important ingredient in elaboration is fiber. Here we show you how to have this in your hands!

How to get fiber at Ark Survival Evolved

It is one of the most basic needs when creating and one of the first resources you will find in the game. To harvest fiber in ark Survival Evolved, you simply need to interact with bushes, shrubs and trees around it. That’s right, you just need to use your hands!

Here are advice; Simply walk with the camera slightly inclined down and press the interaction button (E on the keyboard, triangle on PS4 E and Xbox One).

You should see your character sliding the air, collecting fiber from time to time. This is also how you collect rocks and possibly berries, among other things.

It is really the fastest way to do this without using a tool. Later, you could make a metal sickle and that will make this process even easier for you, since it produces more fiber and at a faster rate.

using creatures to collect fiber

Alternatively, if you prefer that creatures do hard work for you, you can always use one of several creatures that are good to collect fiber to do it in your name. The creatures you can use to do this includes:

  • Say bear
  • Gigantopiteco
  • Mos chops
  • Terizinosaur

Keep in mind that you can not unlock the metal sickle or set up a gigantopithecus until it is at level 30, so it is possible that you first must exceed some levels.

What is the fiber used?

The fiber is used for a ton of different craft recipes, which include straw and wood construction, tools, weapons and armor, just to name a few.

In other words, it is better that you have a good amount of fiber at all times, since you never know when the need will arise.


That is all to do to get fiber in ark Survival Evolved! Do you need more help? Let us know below! You could even find the answer for yourself if you also use our search bar.

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