R2, 16th anniversary pre -event

Wezen (CEO Kim Jae-young) will showcase its rich benefits ‘R2SPECT FESTIVAL’ ahead of its 16th anniversary of its representative PC MMORPG ‘Re2 (Revolution)’.

Wezen offers an event box for general and specialized servers of R2 for about two weeks from October 13 to 27 to express gratitude to the members who have been with the members for 16 years.

R2 users can acquire the [Event] General Gift Box through the in-game monster hunting during the event. When you open the box, one of the 13 items, including the ancient weapons/defense orders, is given randomly.


In addition, if you exchange 10 general gift boxes and ‘Chaos Points 10,000PT’ to the game ‘Event Foley’ NPC in the game, 5 ‘R2 Event Certificates’, ‘Legend Maternal Box’ You can get one of the 17 high-end items. Among them, ‘Accessories Exchange Ticket’ collects 5 pieces of ‘event poly’ to exchanged for NPC, ‘[Event] The Sun’s Necklace/Belt/Rings’, ‘[Event] Random Exchange with improved sun necklace/belt/ring’ This is possible.

Wezen also offers ‘time cumulative rewards’ in R2 for the same period. In general and specialized servers, users can obtain various items including ‘R2 event certificate’ every 150 minutes for about 14 days. However, AS certification members and non-certification members are rewarded by differential.

Subsequently, the ’16th Anniversary Mission Challenge Event’ will be held for about two weeks before the regular inspection on the 27th. Depending on the character level of the users, 85LV or more is given ‘beginner’, ‘intermediate’ for more than 95LV, and ‘high-quality’ warrior mission for 100LV or more. Rewards are paid at least eight items required for the game, depending on the grade.

In addition, Wezen has doubled the ‘Golden Papyrus’ free payment and statement buff, ‘R2DAY’, ‘Experience Chi Plus’ event, ‘Gears Management’ increase time, and 16th anniversary congratulatory message community event It provides rich large-scale benefits to them.

Wezen will foretell the opening of the new server ‘Minos’ to celebrate the 16th anniversary and receive a character name preoccupation. If you participate in the character name and class preemption event per account until 23:59 on the 23rd, you will get 4 items such as ‘1 egg of the express servant’, ‘[event] The ring/belt of the sun (14 days)’ You can receive it as a reward. In the same period, if you recommend a new server to your acquaintances through the Minos Event page, you will also be offering an event cache to the top 13 people.

For more information about Wezen’s PC MMORPG ‘R2’, the 16th anniversary ‘R2SPECT FESTIVAL’ event and the new ‘Minos’ server character name preoccupation application can be found on the official website.

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