George Martin reveals how many seons and chapters will have the dragons house in total

If things are so convoluted that we need a family tree from the Targaryen family with 8 episodes, imagine with 40. And we don’t say it to say. We have not chosen a random number. That is the number of chapters to which the series points. This h been confirmed by George RR Martin, the author of the Song and Fire Song Saga (Game of Thrones) and of Fire and Blood, the book on which HBO fiction is bed.

Martin h confessed that doing justice to the Dragon dance a whole will require four seons of 10 episodes . A few statements with which the novelist advances to HBO herself, who until now had only confirmed a second seon . In any ce, and seeing the success of the first (which h broken all the Game of Thrones records), no one will miss the news. The history of the Targaryen succession will be extended to 2025 little .


What is dragons dance?

we said before, the series is bed on the book Fuel y Blood, of 880 pages in its edition to Spanish. In the novel the rise to the power of the Targaryen is narrated, since they survived the curse of Valeria until his dynty settled in Boca Raton, through the conquest of west and the foundation of the iconic iron throne . The term dragon dance refers to the descendants of Misery, who fought with each other for power and fought a bloody civil war that almost ended his home .

Taking into account the dimensions of the book (and that there is a second part on the way), it is not surprising that we will have three more years of the dragon’s house . Their show runners do not rule out or jump to narrate the conflicts of other generations Targaryen also described in fire and blood. After all, all of them are exciting, because every time a Targaryen is born, the gods throw the currency into the air and the world hopes to see which side will fall: Greatness or madness .

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