Nintendo rings her again with the collectors edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Nintendo would have to stop calling her recurrent suspicious and consider her a friend of speculation . Without more. The company insisted on selling the collector’s edition of Enfilade Chronicles 3 through its own store, My Nintendo Store, and of course happened what everyone feared . The web collapsed for hours and, when it returned to be online, it no longer had units. But do you know where there are? On second-hand platforms, in which its price amounts to 800 euros (for the 89.99 euros that it really costs).


We thought we had seen everything with the joke of selling Super Mario 3D All-Stars Only during a certain number of months (intend to buy it now and miss some laughs), but Nintendo h been overcome again. It is quite critical since the collector’s edition comes out almost three months after the launch of the game , but it is nothing more than all the ones that occurred. For example, it is also reproachable to open reservations up to 10 minutes before warning the interested parties ** by email. Why subscribe then? And how is it possible that the web collapsed from the beginning?

A Data Feature After another that h only triggered criticism in networks, where users wonder how it is possible that Nintendo h acted like this , and more with a collector edition without numbering from what could have generated Both stock and liked it. Many fans of the saga that acquired that of previous deliveries will have to run out of Enfilade Chronicles 3, among whose contents there are a special packaging illustrated by Matsugu Saith and * a hardcover book with more than 250 pages * Of conceptual illustrations.

We would say that I hope Nintendo learned the lesson this time, but pulling experience, it is also not a matter of waning wishes because yes.

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