LOL: The two objects canceled by Riot Games who had changed the game forever

One of the great headaches that have faced the developers of League of Legends over the last years has been the fault of an invoked spell. As you are thinking, we refer to teleport. This ‘Summoner’ is the only one in its entire category of elements that has constantly received changes and everything indicates that Riot Games even thought Preliminary him for the beginning of the next pre-employed 2023 . A plan that accidentally revealed to the public by introducing very interesting objects in the BE that, for better or worse, we will never see in the final game.

The objects that had changed League of Legends forever

One of Riot Games’s objectives once we arrive at the end of season 12 is to introduce generalized improvements for upper lane players. A package of measures that will finally consist of increasing the experience that these players acquire, but that began with much more creative solutions. One of them was the introduction of two items that included an active effect that allowed the champions to teleport by the map and that improved the current teleport. They could be used on an allied structure, a sentry of vision, a subject and even an allied champion.

With just seeing both items, it is easy to understand that would become two of the most powerful of the game . However, there are a few design problems that seem almost impossible to solve. For example, nothing would prevent teleport boots from becoming popular in the champions of other positions. They would be a fundamental object that, when contributing life, would be good for almost any video game champion. Introducing them could make the plays return that Riot Games wanted to avoid when the invoked spell weakened so that he barely had offensive uses before the room of departure.

It is true that League of Legends: Wild Rift does have boots that allow teleport. However and unlike what happens in the main game, the mobile version has an entire arsenal of improvements for these items. In this way, Choosing them implies giving up the effect of the Honda or the Cintomisíl (also limited to the enchantment of the boots in this game). Although perhaps it could be a good idea to make a similar system, it would require a great ‘renown’ and not only the introduction of this object, which would only give a lot of problems.

As for the object, we are facing a much more serious situation, since it would steal the identity of a unique champion. The effects of the provisionally called sword on the stone is almost identical to the definitive Shen (stay united). Although on other occasions Riot Games has introduced items that steal skills to certain champions, the company has been criticized whenever it has done so. A situation that could only be more exaggerated as it is a unique mechanic in the video game that has given all his fame to a character launched more than twelve years ago.

The developers have reported that the items were an early exploration of the possible changes to the Top Lane and that they sneaked into the BE patch by mistake. In this sense, we will have to settle for the new objects that come to the game in the 2023 preseason. It has no so striking effects in most cases, but promise to offer us truly great moments during the games.

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