Already prepared for the next season? Overwatch 2 large balance patch notice

Overwatch 2’s next season, a large balance patch was announced. In the second episode, information about the next competition season began to come out less than two weeks after its release, in line with the story of the management that there would be more active character adjustment.

On the 14th, the Overwatch 2 staff announced on the official website developer blog about information related to the next hero balance and the second season of competition. It is said that the bugs and competitive tiers will be modified, and the most interesting part of the user is related to the main hero balance update.

According to the notice, a total of 10 heroes are scheduled to change in the next season. The list is D.VA, Sigma, Reinhardt Junker Queen, Zara, Doom fist, Genii, Samba, Torsion and Sinatra. Doom fist will adjust the power of tanking skills of power block skills and the power of the ultimate ruin. In addition, Genii, which is considered a required pick and shows a high (odds), also has a balance change.

Apart from the balance adjustment plan, the overall hero’s odds data are evenly distributed within 45-55%. In fact, if you play the competition, you can see more heroes than ever, and any hero is performing more than a certain level of performance. However, it is difficult to cope with some heroes, and users are also giving feedback.


The story of the map rotation was also eye-catching. Starting next season, the time zones of each map will change and this will also be rotated periodically. Currently, the time of maps such as Million, Oasis, and Route 66 have changed, and new terrain is added, which means that this is also replaced every season.

On the other hand, Blizzard said that about 25 million players enjoyed Overwatch 2 as of the 15th. This is a result of 10 days after its launch.

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