No Mans Sky Update 4.0 WayPoint announcement and distribution started. Various improvements such as implementation of custom game mode, ease of play and drawing

On October 7, the developer Hello Games distributed the update 4.0 Waypoint for NO Man’s Sky . In addition, the Nintendo Switch version of this work has also been released today.

In this update, custom game mode was first implemented. On the setting screen, the difficulty level can be roughly changed, and the various items in the game can be adjusted in detail. For example, it is related to survival elements such as resources and damage amount, and the cost of items and craft, the strength and behavior of the enemy. Some survival elements are prepared, such as deleting save data when dead. By the way, the auto save function was also implemented this time.

In addition to the game mode, a relaxed mode is also implemented. Dangerous elements, grind elements, required costs, etc. have been reduced, and it is a mode that can be enjoyed evenly from stories to battles and survival elements. In addition, more difficult settings are added in survival mode. In addition, these difficulty settings can be changed at any time while playing.

As a new element, a trading rocket can be called on the planet to make it possible to launch it. The rocket goes to a nearby space station and automatically sells loaded items. In addition, if the damaged pod is interacted, the marker will be installed and the repair process will be provided at the same time. In addition, a function that displays the procedure of craft for specific items in a tree format is also available. Even complex crafts that follow multiple steps make it easier to understand what to do and in what order. In addition, two types of rare and exotic are added to the asteroid groups.

UI-related improvements are being implemented to make this work easier to play. First, the design of the inventory screen is renewed. In addition to accessing various items on one screen, it is easier to find items for the filter function. The capacity has also been expanded. In the catalog & guide tab, records of all adventures are accumulated. The usability has also been improved, with the milestone of the trip, which is pinched in this tab.

In addition, visual improvements have been implemented. Space Anomaly has renewed visual effects so that the air feeling is deeper. In addition, new visual effects have been introduced on beacons, ancient stone monuments and teleport modules. Regarding the PC version, it supports AMD Fidelity SUPER RESOLUTION 2. It is a so-called super-resolution technology, and the effect of raising the frame rate while maintaining visual quality is expected.


And today, on October 7, the Nintendo Switch version of this work was released. Although it does not support multiplayer, it is an implemented version of the updates that have been distributed for six years for this work, and are expected to continue to be provided in the future.

Nintendo Switch version of early players have a limited reward, and when this work is launched and connected to the server by November 7 this year, the spacecraft Horizon Vector NO and multi-tool’s infinite Neon Mark XXII. Is presented. Both are colored like Nintendo Switch, colored by neon blue and neon red.

No Man’s Sky is on sale for PC/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. For more information about the update 4.0 Waypoint distributed this time, check the patch note on the official website.

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