[Review] See only the forests, SRPG, Diophall Chronicle

The concept was good, but it didn’t show the charm properly


It was quite expected. It is a profound story that takes place in a world where RPGs are very fond of and fantasy, medieval, and modern worldview. Unusually, the concept of adopting the concept of ‘diorama’ is also amazing, ‘Pitfall Chronicle’. Of course, it was a bit uncomfortable because Organization was not supported, but I thought I could play enough if I didn’t have any difficult expressions like an O game. Diorama Chronicle, which I met so much, seemed to be a rather challenging game for Square Enix than my expected. If I had paid more attention, it would have been a much better game.

Game Name : The Airfield Chronicle
Genre Name : RPG, Strategic RPG
release date : 2022. 9. 22.
Review : Launch Build
Developer : Square UNIX, Lancers LTD.
Service : Square UNIX
Platform : PC, switch, Xbox, PS
Play : PC


Narrative that has not been able to save a profound and huge story and unique characters

Airfield Chronicle is a legendary mercenary ‘Blue Fox in the process of fighting the hegemony with the ore of the Tina Kingdom, the Empire, and the Union, which unified the island called’ Airfield ‘. It contains the story of ‘. The Blue Fox Mercenary’s biography, which is caught up in the fight, political purpose, and interests of the huge forces, is full of blue.

There are also members of the Blue Fox Mercenary, who are launched and grows in bad events in the arms of Duke of Hence. The party, which was the first four members, including aristocrats, commoners, orphans, deport ants, honorary retired articles, free articles, former soldiers, etc., quickly joined new characters and joined. It is only natural that characters appear to have a wide variety of personalities because of the different backgrounds and events that have grown up in each character.

The stories and dialogue that these characters are fighting, and the events are caught up reveals the intention of making the player clearly creating a deep thought. The character’s illustrations and designs are great, and the dubbing and lines of the voice actors are quite heavy, so they can give ‘high evaluation’ in the story category.

But the problem is narrative, not the story, the theme. The modeling and animation of the characters with 3D graphics have a lot of gaps with illustrations, and the movement is somewhat awkward. If you have been here, you can just go over, but the way of development is really frustrating. Although it is obviously a big event and cannot be easily crossed, the situation is summarized in a few simple narrations. It feels so easy that the events and important events that need to be taken carefully. Even if it’s a very small part of the world’s story of Airfield, it’s hard to tolerate a story that goes into a few lines for the current Blue Fox mercenary player.

This development of the development of the characters who had attractive personality halved the charm of the characters. Through dialogue and directing, these factors are quite small, even though they were able to convey the conflict and conflict between the characters and the characters inside the mercenaries. Rather, the narration and development focused on the complex events of external big paintings and airfields lead to the mid-to-late. The story development is quite slow, but it’s a few narrations to deal with and expand the incident. Thus, there is a sense of gap between the incident. In order to make matters worse, this way of storytelling is a promoter that gradually leads to boredom of the story of Airfield Chronicle’s story to deal with a profound topic.

There were big events in each chapter, which can be seen as a weighty event that could have a big impact on the world’s composition as well as mercenaries. These huge events are not just passing by narration, but even players must only receive limited information. Of course, there are some parts that are emphasized little by little since the third chapter, but it is not possible to say that the characters of the characters are emphasized.

Chapter 1-2 is the stage where players adapt to the game and gradually get to know the events. The events that happen here focus on explaining how the current situation is running, rather than attracting the player’s interest. There is a lack of devices that need to illuminate the mercenaries inside or to illuminate the characters to make players more naturally attractive and affection in the world and characters. Besides, the story is not hopeful, and the major characters with the most intense Palanquin Red ditch are noted in the second half, but they are noted and seeing, but they are so suddenly being a colleague. It is too bad to explain only with text guidance.

Instead, the flow of [Quest Accept-Briefing-Battle-Description of Battle-Short Dialogue] is consistent all the time, so the players are exhausted quickly by this repetitive flow. There are a few devices in light ventilation elements, but it’s even sadder to make these parts tired and annoying. Since I focused only on history, I also doubted that it would focus on the external action of the legendary mercenary group called Blue Fox.

Real Time Tactic Battle from the Diorama Field

The battle of Airfield Chronicle is quite close to the ‘real-time strategy simulation’. Of course, it does not manage resources, but it is a way of defeating the enemy by moving the characters that the player has grown in real time in real time. If you are on the range and view, the characters are automatically approached or attacked, and time and time passes. Instead, when using the skill, the progress time stops temporarily, and it has the effect of the skill.

The enemy is the same. If you have allies in the recognition range, use attacks or skills. The peculiarity is that the target that started attacking once is still attacking and chasing unless it falls quite a bit. The character who took advantage of the enemy can benefit from an attack on a back attack. It is also possible to take advantage of these characteristics to attract the enemy forces, then provoke from the rear to turn the eyes and maximize the firepower.

Instead, it’s a big loss to hit the skills used by enemies. Most of the skills used by enemies are powerful, and they are given a probation that can be avoided or corresponding. At this timing, you can move the unit, use the skill to kill or push the enemy quickly to change the range, and to cause abnormalities such as stun, freezing or weakening, causing or weakening. If you get right, it’s really a billion! A strong attack (normal standard) comes in.

In the end, even though there are many characters, there is a strong tendency to solidify the four characters and the deputy to the main. Of course, you can replace and use the characters limited, but as a result, you will first grow and use characters that use well-efficient weapons. There is also a way to control the enemy’s skills, but this process gradually becomes tired, and the skills used mainly (mainly stun shots, etc.) solve most of the situation, which hurt the strategy.

This is because there is another element, which is the purpose of the mission. In the mission of the quest, you will be given additional compensation if you meet certain conditions (not in combat, clear in time, open the treasure chest, etc.). Since this reward is the core goods that grow the mercenaries and the main factor of character growth, the player is not able to give up.

What’s even more unfortunate is that each character has no skills, but a weapon. As a result, if you hold the weapon well, you can play the role if any character is the same person, so the character’s personality is greatly reduced in terms of strategic. In fact, the combat time is very short, but the intermediate time tops have a lot of relationships, which makes the trend feel somewhat broken.

The battlefield, which embodies the feeling of diorama, is a choice that allows you to look at the battlefield and think about your strategy while looking around a fairly unique feeling. But there is also a problem here. Although it is a strategic game, there is no objection by high and low, and the ZOO is not applied, so the use of the feature is just the extent that the enemy’s route is adjusted. In order to make matters worse, it is right to see that the range of skills will be wider, and in fact, the strategy factor by the terrain and object is minimized. Variate, explosives, and maps are finished.

There are also elements that can be obtained from characters or enemies that can be powered by each character, but there are many characters that overlap with this, and it is very tired because it demands repeated battles because it is slow and salty.

Instead, it is possible to take advantage of the character’s skills to cool and sweep the enemies, and the taste of handling cool with powerful TP technologies that summon Bahamas is good. However, due to systematic limitations, Airfield Chronicle is not a game that is rich in strategic elements, and even the characters of the weapons have died greatly.

It would have been nice to care a little more

Looking back, I think that both the battle and the story are enough potential. I just think that there was a lack of attentiveness in the way he solved him, or the choice and concentration were rather bad. It is quite pleasant to grow the characters and mercenaries’ characters and mercenaries in the battle and story, but as mentioned earlier, the goods provided are very salty. It is often not enough to make money before and after the second half.

Unlike colleagues who join in relatively fast timing, the story is slow, and there is a lack of events that are carefully understood by the inner colleagues. In addition, the difficulty of the mid-second half, which suddenly rises, makes it consider the repetitive process of raising characters again. Of course, even if the battle fails, I can start again, so there is no burden and not wake up, but I have seen a few stairs that are sudden quest difficulty on the basis of normal difficulty.

The illustrations of the characters are perfect, and the sound is good, but it’s a pity that the 3D graphics are so disgusting and the animation is awkward. I’d rather be this

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