Funplus, creators of State of Survival, open a video game development study in Barcelona

Fun plus , the global developer and editor company bed in Switzerland and offices in China, Japan, Singapore, Sweden and the United States, expands its publication of Publishing of Barcelona towards the Video Games Development . Meditation h moved to the city to learn about the new bet of mobile games popular State of Survival , King of Avalon , Guns of Glory or Call of Anti and chat with its main responsible, with Eric Cabstand , Vice President of Europe and LATAM in Fun plus, in front. Thus, the new headquarters located on the central Ce street of the Catalan capital hosts a development team with professionals from the most diverse fields with the aim of expanding the company’s horizons and consolidating one of the representative brands of the next European technology and video game development of Barcelona .

Barcelona is consolidated development hub in Spain

In the presentation to the media at the new headquarters of Barcelona of Fun plus, both Eric Cabstand and Felipe Matey , former Director of Product Development and Veteran of the Industry and New Product Vice President, together Jacob Kruger , New UA Director of the Barcelona Study after psing through companies such Miniclip, Solely and Social Point, have explained the new strategy of the company with their Barcelona office. On the other hand, Devi cat , the sociation of Videos Editors, will support Fun plus in its expansion a developer of Barcelona’s toe; So much so, that Ivan Fernández Logo , general secretary of Devi cat, h shown his support for the new initiative in the media appearance itself, where it h been confirmed that Fun plus h underway More than 30 Projects .

Barcelona h become a world renowned center for talent in the mobile sector and video game development, and in Fun plus we are very proud to be able to expand this commitment to the city and start developing here the next video games They lead the company’s strategic objectives, said Eric Cabstand. This is only the first step of a very exciting trip that will allow us to grow a team, recruit new talent for our work for the vice president of Europe and LATAM in Fun plus.

And so far, the main activity of the Catalan headquarters of Fun plus w that of social media and community management, marketing and creative growth and design strategy. Now, and part of the new expansion of the global company , the Barcelona office also bets on its own development in conjunction with the rest of international studies. The video game is one of the sectors with the greatest projection in and for Catalonia, especially regards the creation of young and qualified employment , adds Ivan Fernández Logo, general secretary of Devi cat.

Thanks to the impulse of Catalan companies, our country h become specialized talent hub more attractive to a sector that grows unstoppable. The growth plan of our Fun plus partner in the city is an unequivocal evidence of it, concludes the head of Devi cat. So much so, that Fun plus’s announcement is a consequence of the great state of health of the video game industry in Catalonia with 440 consolidated companies and €1,105 m billed in 2020. Only in Catalonia, 50% of this National Billing, which represents 3.3% of the European industry . In addition, the Catalan video game industry concentrates half of workers nationwide with 3,966 people directly employed, of which 25% are women.

Fun plus is proud to announce his commitment to Barcelona in the development in Barcelona, in addition to continuing growing in the Publishing area after our work done in recent three years, said Meditation Eric Cabstand. On the future project projects, and waiting for upcoming large-scale ads, Eric h confirmed that Fun plus’s intention is growing creating a new vision of IPS that can develop entertainment and not only IPS for mobiles . From Fun Plus we believe that the next great IPS will not come from traditional audiovisual sectors, but that they will be born of video games that will attract new audiences ** to the environment, continues Eric Cabstand.

Finally, the vice president of Europe and LATAM in Fun plus h sured us that the company, after consolidating in the gender of the mobile strategy, intends to address new genres, even hybrids of them , being one of our priorities And from which we can announce new details soon, concludes Eric Cabstand. Recall that this year 2022, State of Survival , one of the great hits of the company available Free To Play on iOS and Android, celebrates its third anniversary overcoming the 150 million downloads , with King of Avalon and Guns of Glory achieving important milestones in their more than six and five years of experience, respectively.

Fun plus is one of the 15 most important mobile gaming companies at a global level , an organization that w born in 2010 bed in Switzerland and that counts, we say, with offices and operations through countries like China, Japan, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Spain and the United States, with more than 2,000 employees worldwide. In 2019 and 2020 it w clsified the World Publisher Number 1 in strategy video games and h the award-winning In-group study, developer of its most prominent mobile strategy titles such State of Survival, King of Avalon and Guns of Glory, Glory, In addition to positioning successfully in the Match-3 genre with the Puzzle RPG Call of Anti. In 2021, Fun plus acquired the study Imaginary Studios to work on its first Multiplatform Cutting Project .

The company is also the founder of FIX (Fun plus Phoenix), one of the most successful eSports organizations in the world, and the world champions of League of Legends of 2019. In addition, the company h great collaborators and personalities such DC or the actors Orlando Bloom or Norman Reeds to appear in some of their video games.

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