How to Slide Cod Modern Warfare 2

Cod Mod cod Modern Warfare 2 is almost here, and Infinity Ward is expanding the next entry in forms never seen before, especially in the movement category. The players can climb and hang from the shelves while shooting guns, swim and participate in underwater fighting and in the beloved diving with Dolphins of Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Together with those changes, a notorious movement technique will return with the slide name. Cancelled. Slide cancellation is an incredibly powerful movement, although it has been mastering it for some time. This is what you need to know about What is a cancellation of slides and how to cancel slide in the game? .

What is slide cancellation?

Slide cancellation is back…

-Optic Slump (@Scump) September 16, 2022

Slide cancellation is an advanced movement that allows you to travel through the map at a faster speed . In addition to helping him travel quickly on the map, the sliding cancellation allows his weapon to point down a faster when leaving a slip. The cancellation of slides is also a nightmare for the opposition, since technically it is a problem that breaks the game, since performing a successful slide cancellation will break the follow-up of its opponent, essentially making it a nightmare in motion.

Cancellation of slides in Modern Warfare 2

Image Source: Infinity Ward through nbabuymt Image Source: Infinity Ward through nbabuymt

To perform a sliding cancellation, you must first change some NBA 2K controller configurations:

Weapon mount activation: * Double touch ads
Ground mantle: off
Automatic earth mantle: off


Now that he has dealt with that, here we show him how to cancel slides:

  • Activate your CT sprint skill
  • Press the Slide button on your controller
  • While sliding, touch the ADS button twice
  • Press the jump button to complete the sliding cancellation

Slide cancellation is a very complicated movement to do. A recommendation would be to activate Automatic CT sprint in the game configuration. However, once you dominate the movement, you will be breaking the line of vision of the opponents, and your thumb will stick, in a very short time.

That is all you need to know about What is slide cancellation and how to cancel slide? . With the beta version in full swing, see our useful tips and tricks below. In addition, see our direct guides on how to make the ON operator be the complete launch, the best SMG, the best assault rifle and a detailed breakdown of the new Perk system.

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