Is a crossover between Stranger Things and Deadpool?

The crossover is something that is always in the minds of fans. However, on some occasions, the creators of these ideas are playing with fire without knowing it. This was the case of Shawn Levy, who talked about the possibilities of seeing a cross between Deadpool and stranger Things, something that, at the end of the day, is simply impossible .

During the last Emmy Awards ceremony, Levy commented that he was working along with Ryan Reynolds , in charge of playing Deadpool, for a possible crossover between Marvel’s character and the Netflix series. This was what he commented:

Interestingly, Ryan Reynolds and I were trying to discover how demons we could make a Deadpool-Stranger Things crossing. We have not yet deciphered it, but it is on the table.

Immediately, this caused a sensation in social networks, with fans that simply did not believe what they were listening. However, This turned out to be just a joke and, eventually, Levy apologized for creating and breaking all the illusions of fans :


Wade Wilson does not support to see blood unless it is his own or his enemies. Nasal hemorrhages are a difficult step. No Crossover DP/ST comes, friends. I feel that my silly joke has given rise to deceptive headlines.

This should not be a surprise. Stranger Things_ and Deadpool are properties of different companies , with different tones and, although the idea could function as part of a sketch or promotional, it would probably have been he’ll coordinate all those involved.

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