TOKYO GAME SHOW SALE is being held at PS Store. Various popular titles such as Dragon Quest, Monhan and Dragon Like are bargain

In conjunction with the Tokyo Game Show, the PlayStation Store has a discount campaign tokyo GAME SHOW SALE for a limited time from September 14 to September 28. This is a large sale with up to 80 % off the title of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The game software alone is nearly 700, and more than 1000 is included in the sale, including download content. The target lineup is full of popular titles. Let’s introduce some of them.

Gran Tourism 7 (PS4/PS5)
5996 yen (31 % off)
In addition to a wide variety of real models from all over the world, a real driving simulator containing a variety of courses (store link)

dragon quest xi S (PS4)
3560 yen (35 % off)

Complete version (Store Link) with many additional elements to the RPG dragon quest xi Passing, which is the latest numbering title

5531 yen (44 % off)
A full version that combines additional episodes in the main story of Final Fantasy VII Remake, which recreates the game itself based on the original version for PS.

Monster Hunter World: Ice Bone Master Edition (PS4)
2992 yen (25 % off)
Monster Hunter World, whose graphics and systems have evolved significantly from the conventional series, and a full version of large expansion content (store link)

Dragon Like 7 Light and Darkness Where International (PS5)
3953 yen (40%off)
Titles that improve the resolution and frame rate of Dragon Like 7 Light and the White of Darkness and power up for PS5 (store link)

Earth Defense Force 5, which depicts the day before the new work Earth Defense Force 6, is also on sale. The lineup is Cyber Punk 2077, which has just been updated the other day, and God of War, which will be released in November. It would be nice to take this opportunity for new works.

Cyber Punk 2077 (PS4/PS5)
3685 yen (50%off)
Open World Action (Store Link), which uses weapons and cyberwars in a huge city in the future that swirling desires and danger


4023 yen (38%off)
The latest work MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN series (Store Link), an open world that flies around New York as a Spider-Man
Ultimate Edition, including Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, is also on sale for 29 % off 6169 yen.

Demon’s Souls (PS5)
5474 yen (37%off)
Action RPG’s monument Demon’s Souls revives on PS5 with full remake (store link)

Death Stranding Director’s Cut (PS5)
4997 yen (23%off)
Titles (Store Links) remastered by adding many new elements to Death Stranding by Kolyma Productions

Monopoly Madness (PS4)
1980 yen (50%off)
Property trading game monopoly boldly arranged, can be played with up to 6 people (store drink)

Hero Legendary Dawn The Trajectory
PS4 version 4950 yen (40%off)/PS5 version 4961 yen (18%off)
RPG depicting the world after Genii’s Trajectory, field battles and command battles can be switched seamlessly, and the battle is quick (Store Link PS4/PS5)

Earth Defense Force 5 (PS4)
2700 yen (66%off)
An action game from a third-person perspective (Store Link) that fights fiercely with the alien civilization primer who attacked the earth

Blood borne PlayStation Hits (PS4)
1094 yen (50%off)
Action RPG (Store Link) handled by From Software, which features an aggressive battle by a regain system

God of War PlayStation Hits (PS4)
1094 yen (50%off)
Action ADV (Store Link) that adds a high degree of freedom and search elements in the field that inherits the charm of the series

Dating Light 2 Stay Human (PS4/PS5)
5266 yen (40%off)
Action RPG (Store Link) from the first-person perspective to none of the zombies in Par court

Chicago’s Mysterious Dungeon Everybody! (PS4)
2640 yen (50%off)
A work that renews the Chicago’s Mysterious Dungeon Labyrinth released for Wii in 2007 (Store Link)

Street Fighter V (PS4)
497 yen (75%off)
A new element that involves V gauge is installed, and it features an incandescent reading game (store link)

The highlight of this time, while the PS5 software sale is noticeable, the PS4 software is also widely eligible. Please check this sale page as well.

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