Freefire: Triple Booyah for the Hawks squad that takes the night in South challengers

One more day of action where survivors are still searching to give the best performance to take the victories that leave them in a better place within the competition, with a four day that starts quite strongly we see the teams showing greater aggressiveness and confidence and confidence to be able to make clear who to be the victors within the South League.

During the first game we have purgatory that starts quite aggressive having several teams seek to cause early but the ICONS team is the one that stands out with the strength of Lee that the MVP takes. The second contest is carried out in the Alps where the stealth served to leave the snakes stalking the dams thanks to the ability of Skyline that manages to give Blood Pythons the victory.

Going to the third map we see Bermuda that has an interesting movement within the area to free Hawks that shows King’s potential to be able to take them to the end that gave them the victory. In the fourth scenario Kalahari is present to shake the squads, but the demons of Incubus would put the bullets in the right places to take the victory.


In the fifth encounter purgatory it is repeated, but the final is totally different because now the hawks show their strength again to be able to take double Booth of the night. Closing the day we have Alps that arrives with a duel between foxes and hawks in the last battle where Polar22 would be able to close the match to give them the third win of the night.

A surprising day with a triple victory for the Hawks squad that is positioned in the second place of the general table below the Leviathan that despite not taking victories achieves a large amount of casualties and good positions inside the meetings to maintain the first place in the general table, we will now have to do what happens the next week to define if things change in the next clashes.

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