Elden Ring is a gag manga. The serialization of Elden Ring Road to Golden Trees has started at COMIC HU, a free web Youth Magazine

KADOKAWA announced on September 4 that it will start serializing a manga ELDEN RING Golden Tree Road based on the worldview of ELDEN RING (ELDEN RING) from today. Niki Tobita is in charge of manga production. It is said that it will be a gag manga work that interprets this work unique.

Elden Ring is an action RPG developed by From Software. Mr. Hidetaka Miyazaki, who worked on the Dark Soul series and SEKIRO: Shadows Die TWICE, worked as a director, producing a myth of writer George R. R. Martin. Set in a vast open field called the area of the space, the player fights as a faded man who has been chased by the area. It features a highly difficult gameplay with the above-mentioned work and a story with a solid world view. As soon as it was released in February this year, it became a huge hit all over the world, and as of the end of June this year, the number of shipments of 16.6 million units was recorded.


In the first comicalized work Elden Ring Golden Tree, the first comicalized work announced this time, the faded man, Fadium, who was thrown out into the land, Limglave, a mysterious girl. The story begins when Melina is offered a transaction and aims for a golden tree according to the blessing guidance. Many boss characters and important figures that are familiar in the original games, such as semi-wolf brives, abominable demon Margit, grafted Godricks, and witch lani, have appeared in the manga, and how to fade in the manga. The highlight is whether it is involved. Will the faded man who travels from his life to reach the destination Stormville Castle for the time being?

This work is a gag manga. Unlike the game that is developed in the whole story, it is blurred from an intro part. The faded person is falling down with a loincloth, and Merina is confused, and the fader meets the white Valley and hits. While along the flow of the main game, the story develops with the gag taste fully open. It may be attractive that NPCs, who were dedicated to their roles in the game, show their emotional humanity.

Mr. Nikiichi Tobita is in charge of the manga production, such as Evil Sword is blurred immediately and shinobigata. This work will surprisingly become a gag manga work, and describes a new charm that has changed its viewpoint from the original. Also, in his tweet, he did not know how far he was safe, so he submitted a fairly fluttering name, but he said that he was confused by almost no correction and was confused (if you get on the t1. It is said that NG has come out).

The manga ELDEN RING Road to Golden Trees has been serialized today at COMIC HU (ComicWalker Nico Nico Still Painting). The first two episodes are posted.

In addition, with the cooperation of KADOKAWA’s own base and overseas publishers, this work has also begun to distribute Simaru or near-Simaru in all 11 languages, including English and Chinese traditional characters. The English version is distributed on an English site in ComicWalker.

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