[Reporter] From the truck to the end of the pangyos August

[game Park Ye-jin reporter] On the 29th, Korean advanced IT companies, which are concentrated in Pangyo, have appeared in the Middle Ages. Umamus Me: Pretty Derby, a nurturing racing game, was in the wagon demonstration by pointing out discrimination against the Japanese server.


The protests occurred when the demonstrations were complained about the communication of the game company. Compared to the Japanese server, it is criticized that the preliminary guidance of the champions meeting ‘Taurus’, which is a major event on the Korean server, was delayed, or the reward schedule such as ‘jewel’ was insufficient.

Truck demonstrations have been held in front of nearby NCsoft buildings. It is revealed that NCsoft has paid advertising fees to YouTuber, which is broadcasted at Lineage 2M, which said that it is not executing a YouTuber promotion. The act of paying advertising to certain users is that it can harm fair competition and provide relative deprivation with the induction of billing.

Controversy did not fall even in explanation. Both Kakao Games and NCsoft apologized immediately after the user’s anger and dissatisfaction did not subside. Kakao Games posted an apology through an emergency announcement through an emergency announcement, and NCsoft officials such as Baek Seung-wook, who oversees the development of Lineage 2M, appeared on the Internet broadcasting to apologize and explain, but demanded a specific improvement plan. It was difficult to block.

Truck demonstrations are no longer unfamiliar to users who have experienced collective behavior due to the probability item that shook the industry last year. It took less than 30 minutes to collect 9.5 million won in protests in this wagon demonstration. Rather, protests evolve in a more bold way to attract attention.

For game companies, operating risks can be returned to the curse of the winner. It means that even if the company’s initial success, such as the No. 1 sales cost in the new competition, is the number one success, the inexperienced operation that is missing can be returned to the boomerang. Of course, on the contrary, even if the problem is found in the game, it may be possible to create better results by creating the contents that the user wants and preemptive communication.

Online games are a kind of community service. In the recent new paradigms of the game industry, such as ‘Web 3.0’ and decentralization, the intervention of users and participants is increasing. As well as gaming and marketing skills, the operating ability to manage public opinion as a community of gamers will become increasingly important.

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