Fortnite: The glow find

In our Fortnite Guide to The Lights you can find out:

  • Where the glow is on the Fortnite card
  • How you can get there the fastest

A order in week 12 reads: ends up in the course of a match for a groovy forest or funghi farm and then go after the glow. With our solution, the task becomes child’s play. In our large order overview of Fortnite you will find all other weekly tasks.

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groovy forest or funghi farm: Where should I land?

We recommend that you land at a groovy forest and then run to Reality Falls. Climb the large tree here. From there you can quickly fly towards the glow. The path of Funghi farm is a bit further and takes longer.

Where can I find the glow on the Fortnite map?

The glow is unfortunately not marked on the map. Flies from the tree in reality to the large lake north of Tilted Towers . In the lake at the ramps and fun sports facilities there is the glow. At the bottom left of the screen, you will be displayed as soon as you have arrived at the The Luminaire orientation point.

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