All crypto -capacity in Apex Legends Mobile

In APEX Legends Mobile, new characters appear every season, and this time a popular character from versions for PC and consoles joined the list. Crypto, one of the best Recon Legends in the game, arrived with the HyperBeat combat pass. Crypto’s abilities and privileges were disclosed in the official blog, and in Apex Legends Mobile they work differently. Before playing Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile, that’s all you need to know.

All Crypto abilities in Apex Legends Mobile

Like a hacker, crypto is classified as Recon Legend in Apex Legends Mobile. Its air drone scans opponents at a distance, without revealing the whereabouts of Crypto. Players can effectively scan forward to warn the teammates before rush to a certain area. All Crypto abilities are listed below:

Passive *: neurolink -all traps and opponents found by a drone-observer within a radius of 30 meters are marked and visible to comrades in the detachment.
Tactical : Observation drone -Crypto uses a manned drone, which scans the area in front, secreting enemies.
final : Amy Dron -Crypto drone charges and uses Amy explosion, which inflicts damage damage, slows enemies and turns off the traps.

The Crypto drone was recycled specifically for Apex Legends Mobile. The drone follows the crypto and automatically monitors the closest opponents. Instead of manually managing a drone from shelter, Crypto can now go into battle with his equipment for observation. This function is intuitive, since crypto players are often punished for sitting unattended and driving a drone.


Since the crypto is a legend of intelligence, it can scan viewing lighthouses on the map to determine the location of the next z1. To unlock this legend, you will need cryptorfragments from combat pass. As in Rhapsody, players must collect 10 cryptographic fragments to unlock this character. In addition, you can unlock the character by spending 750 APEX coins. You will receive 10 crypto-fragments by reaching the 25th level in the combat pass of HyperBear in the Apex Legends Mobile.

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