Harajin ver.3.0 Apde distribution started! The new area Smile is finally open -Event prayers for new characters such as Tinari

HOYOVERSE has distributed Ver.3.0 large updates at the open world RPG Harajin for PS5/PS4/PC/smartphone.

In Ver.3.0 large updates, in addition to the implementation of the new area Smile, the first grass element character ★ 5 Tinari and ★ 4 Korei appeared. At the same time, a new god casting form and ★ 5 Jon separation will be reprinted, and various events are being held.

◆ New area Smile implementation!

The new area Smile has been implemented. Smile is a country protected by the grass god, where the rainforest and the desert coexist. New lands that have not yet been seen are waiting for players, such as the growing rainforest, the Smile City, which has the most authoritative and historical academic institution, the Order Council, and the Ormos port where people gather.

In Ver.3.0, a grass element character has been implemented, making it possible to experience a wider range of element reactions. There are many gimmicks that respond to this grass element in the Smile. Explore every corner of the mysterious regional smarts, the country of wisdom and the country of vegetation.

◆ New Tinari, Korei, and Jong Sea appear in the event prayer!

The event prayer, the character Tour of the Deep Forest, the event prayer, the character 2 Oakuri Asao City was held. During the event until 18:59 on September 9, the probability of the appearance of the pickup character will be significantly increased.

■ Event prayer / Character Deep Forest Tourer

[Pickup character (★ 5)]
● Midori-soo Shoyo / Tinari
・ God’s eyes: grass
・ Weapon: Bow
・ Character introduction: A young scholar who is familiar with botanical science and serves as a ranger of Avidia Forest. He is good at teaching those who have a straight personality and enthusiasm and act without thinking.

・ Elementary skill Ideal grenade
Throw the identification heartbeans forward and cause the grass element range damage. Then, generate the area of identification, a mysterious phantom statue provokes the enemy in the area, and attracts attacks.

・ Electric explosion Oshu / vine arrow
It collects all species of power, automatically tracks enemies, and fires six vines that cause grass element damage.

[Pickup character (★ 4)]
● Moe-korei holding innocent
・ God’s eyes: grass
・ Weapon: Bow
・ Character introduction: A apprentice ranger who plays an active part in Abydia Forest. Behind his kind behavior is a slightly introverted personality.

・ Elementary skill Hanatoba San
Throw a leaf boomerang and deal with grass original damage once to the hit target. The thrown leaf boomerang returns after a certain period of time, causing grass elementary damage again.

・ Electric explosion Nyankot Leger
Call for the help of a reliable Koree member. Throw a coralian bar doll, deal with grass element range damage during the explosion, and generate a core bar area. The Core Bar keeps jumping in the area and deals grass element range damage.

● Cattail Special Diona
・ God’s Eye: Ice
・ Weapon: Bow
・ Character introduction: It is a very popular bartender of Cattail and is a new star in Monde Sake Brewery. He is reborn as a sake to use any ingredients in Diona’s hand, but he hate sake from the bottom of his heart.

** ● Princess of Culver !!
・ God’s Eye: Thunder
・ Weapon: Bow
・ Character introduction: Self-proclaimed Princess of Solid. She is a mysterious girl who acts with an Oz, a jet-black crow. She is currently a researcher as an investigator association.

■ Event prayer / Character 2 Oakuri Dynasty City

[Pickup character (★ 5)]
● Ukiyo-Sanpo / Jong Sea (Rock)
・ God’s heart: Rock
・ Weapons: Long-pattern weapons
・ Character introduction: A mysterious customer who was invited to Kokyo-do. He is a neat face, dignified and behaved, and is familiar with everything.

・ Elementary skill Contestation
Press one time to build up the rock pillar throughout the earth to generate rock pillars.
Press and hold to explode the nearby rock elements and activate the following effects:
・ If the rock pillar has not reached the upper limit, generate a rock pillar.
・ Generate the balloi shield. The amount of damage absorption of the shield is determined by the upper limit of the HP of the evidence.
・ Demonstrates the Iwamoto element range damage.
・ If there is a target with Iwamoto elements around, consumes a large amount of rock elements of up to two targets. There is no damage due to this effect.

・ Elementary explosion Tenshin
Fall a huge star rock, deal a large amount of rock element damage to enemies within the fall range, and petrify.

[Pickup character (★ 4)]
Moe-koli (grass) holding pure Shin
Cattail Special Diona (ice)
Princess of Culver! !!

◆ Event prayer and weapon God casting form!

Event prayer and weapon God casting form were held. During the event until 18:59 on September 9, the appearance rate such as the newly appeared ★ 5 Bow / Hunter’s Road and ★ 5 Long-pattern weapons / Bun spears will increase significantly.

[Pickup weapon (★ 5)]
Bow / hunter’s way
Long-pattern weapon, spear of destruction

[Pickup weapon (★ 4)]
One-handed sword / west wind sword
Both hand sword / bell sword
Law / West Wind secretary
Bow / great string
Long-pattern weapon / west winding spear

◆ New story Majin Mission Chapter 3 Opened!

The second act of the genie mission, Chapter 3, Act 1, Go through the veil of the fog and the dark forest, the second act, Sen of the Thousand Roses, was opened. If you reach the necessary adventure rank and clear the premise task, you can check both missions from the mission → the genie mission.

[Majin Mission Chapter 3 / 1st act Open through the veil of the fog and the dark forest open conditions
・ Adventure rank 35 or more
・ Clear the Majin Mission Chapter 2 ・ Act 4 Requiem that resonates at the bottom

・ Adventure rank 35 or more
・ Clear the Majin Mission Chapter 3 ・ Clear the first act Pass through the veil of the fog and the dark forest

◆ Event Innocence Sculpture where you can acquire ★ 4 Korei!

The event Innocence Sculpture was held. During the period, if you clear the mission Ututsu wood carving, you can invite ★ 4 korei for free.

In addition, if you cooperate with the help of the staff of the Ajanta sculptures and collecting ideas for toys development, you can get rewards such as rough stone, wisdom crown, character training material, natural training material, limited furniture.

[Event period]
・ The first stage: After updating on August 24 to the end of ver.3.0
・ 2nd stage: From 4:00 on August 27 to Ver.3.0
・ 3rd stage: From 4:00 on August 30 to Ver.3.0
・ Fourth stage: Until the end of Ver.3.0 from 4:00 on September 2 to Ver.3.0

[Event shop opening period]
After updating on August 24 to the end of Ver.3.0

[Participation conditions]
・ Adventure rank 20 or more
・ Clear the Trajectory of Wisdom God of the Majin Mission Chapter 3 ・ Act 1 act of Kiri Bale and the dark forest

  • You can enjoy it with a better event experience if you play after clearing the genie mission The Train of the Wisdom.
  • During the event period, if you have not cleared the Majin Mission, The Trail of the God of Wisdom, clear the Majin Director’s Introduction, Act 1 Gentiles catching the Wind, and then enter the event on the Quick Start on the event screen. You can participate.

◆ Legendary mission Fennec Chapter opened!

Tinari’s legendary mission Fennec Chapter has been released. If you reach the necessary adventure rank and clear the premise task, you will be able to play using the Legendary Key.

[Opening conditions]
・ Adventure rank 40 or more
・ Clear the Majin Mission Chapter 3 ・ Act 2 Thousand Roses that tells the dawn ・ Epilogue

  • If you reach the adventure rank 26, you can release the legendary mission function.
  • Legendary key can be obtained by clearing daily requests.
  • If you clear the daily request eight times, you can get one legendary key.

Harajin is being distributed for PS5/PS4/PC/smartph1. It is a free item billing system for basic play.

In addition to the introductions introduced in this article, improvements and adjustments have been implemented, such as improving fellow HP lower voices, mobile natural, and adjusting element resonance effects.

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